Pull! Nationwide surge in single ‘shooting’ ladies gunning for love

Monday, October 26th, 2020

How a lockdown-inspired liking for traditional pursuits has country-minded females gunning for love with Muddy Matches.

Country life online dating experts Muddy Matches are reporting a nationwide surge in sign-ups from single ladies with a passion for shooting, beating, gamekeeping and gundogs since lockdown – and they are on the hunt for like-minded single gents to connect with.

For more than a decade Muddy Matches have helped forge rural romance in over ½ million outdoors-loving singles, matching people based upon on shared country life credentials, hobbies, backgrounds, lifestyle, and rural aspirations.

The website, trusted as the original home of farmer dating, has firmly established itself as the ‘go to’ service for dating and companionship with folk living and working in remote and rural settings.

Now, in the 200 days of the new normal, and with the nation rediscovering an appreciation of fresh air and countryside on their doorstep, singletons from all walks of country life has flocked to the website with a view to finding comfort and reassurance in its traditional values and focus on shared interests.

And having tracked their habits and hobbies of those new members, looking for love in lockdown, it’s a welcome return of a preference for traditional country pursuits that stands out, especially amongst the profiles of female singletons.

Whilst a liking for life in the saddle and on the farm remains the bread and butter of many new faces , it is the rise in references to shooting, beating, gundogs, hunt balls and even ferreting and falconry in online dating profiles that is demanding attention.

Profiles tagged with a passion for shooting has increased 4-fold since April – peaking with grouse season now upon us – with over 12% of active female members reportedly happy to take aim. An interest in gundogs is up 130% year on year whilst falconry, hunt balls, gamekeeping and beating have also increased in popularity at rates far above those of other interests off the beaten track.

The volume of messages exchanged between messages that refer to field pursuits is also at a 13-year Muddy Matches’ high.

Interestingly, a fondness for traditional forms of country life is also to be found in the unlikeliest of dating profiles, coming as they do in female profiles, across all age groups but with a particular spike amongst the 20-35 year old age group as a new era of enthusiast is unearthed.

A browse through the advanced search listings reveal these women are not the ‘peg fluff’ types often seen dutifully applauding during the drive either. No, these singletons are more than willing to be back gun and will happily give rounded opinion in the age-old side-by-side barrels versus over under debate.

They are not hard to find either.

Take Ellie, 31, who swapped the bright lights of London to pursue a love of shooting and arable farming in Suffolk. Her profile photo has her stood proudly with 12-bore over the shoulder of well fitted shooting jacket.

Then there’s 24-year-old Rachel from Northumberland. “I love heading out for a shoot at the weekend with my 18-month-old cocker spaniel” she tells us through her bio. “I’m only on clays so far at the moment but I am hoping I can find a real country gent to join me and get into the thick of the game season in the future.” She signs off with a liking for grouse and pigeon pie.

They are not alone; no need to rush here. there are indeed tens of thousands of profiles to search and browse the photos of, ear defenders on display.

Laura tells potential suiters she is more ‘peg rough than peg fluff’; delighted the game season is in full swing and for whom her ‘happy place’ is on the clay shooting grounds as part of a syndicate.

We unearth Pippa, from Warwickshire. She’s into beating, rough shooting, gamekeeping and hunt balls and says she’s ‘looking to find someone to share a laugh and experiences with and an interest in hunting and shooting would be a bonus.’

When it comes to a countryman’s ideal lady; someone that knows their Holland and Holland bespoke 12-bore from a pair of tweed breeks will be right up there, we are sure.