Muddy Matches saved me from the perils of loneliness!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Farmer’s son finds his soulmate on Muddy Matches after countless swipes left on other mainstream online dating apps.

Berkshire born of traditional farming stock, James believes online dating with Muddy Matches has saved him from ‘the perils of loneliness’ right when he needed it the most. Now, the 28-year-old from Wokingham is ‘fingers crossed, looking forward to many years of love and laughter’ after meeting his muddy soulmate, Amy last year.

Unlike a good number of singletons who jump in with both muddy boots, James was no stranger to online dating when he joined Muddy Matches in June 2019. In fact, this son of a farming estate manager has racked up more miles on other apps and dating websites than we’ve had hot dinners – but without much luck in truth.

“I dabbled with some real horrendous candidates, you know the bigger names, the apps everyone talks about but the likes of Tinder and OKCupid they were really were not my cup of tea at all.” James tells us.

“But then Muddy Matches was recommended to me by a business client of mine down in London of all places. I was building him a bespoke trailer for his Landrover as it happened, and he said I needed to get myself on there.

“I found Muddy Matches to be the best online dating website by far. It definitely caused a lot of laughter when I mentioned what it was and, despite being a little bit pricey, it was definitely worth the extra. It is true, you certainly get more bang for your buck!

“I think it’s the best place to meet down to earth people especially, if you are like me, and not overly fond of the ‘swipe’ generation that base attraction purely on looks alone, without delving into the personality of a potential match.”

And James is clear in his advice to other outdoor loving singletons looking for someone who shares their interests of fresh air and country life… “There’s no need for Tinder; Who needs to play with fire, when you can roll about in the hay?” he jokes. “Now, having met Amy I have never been so much in love if I am honest”

And, unlike so many other app users who think love can land on your doorstep and restrict searches to a maximum of 20 miles, he hasn’t let the small matter of distance put him off either.

No sir. “Amy lives 200 miles away from me in Norfolk. It’s not ideal but we make it work and we make the most of our time together when we get to see each other.

“Her beaming smile – that was the first thing that attracted me to her – her vibrant and fiery hair and personality to match and her beautiful eyes- that’s what makes travelling all worthwhile. Love doesn’t know what a county border looks like! Anyway, I can’t see myself with anyone else. She’s my marvellous muddy match and my soul mate.

“I am as happy as a pig in sh^! Ha-ha”

James is the type of country gent who was destined to find his soulmate on Muddy Matches; chatty, genuine, open, a well considered profile and with decent countryside credentials; something, whilst not working the land himself, he is proud of.

“I’m a farmer’s son of sorts, so have always worked outside and been hands on. My dad and my granddad were both involved in traditional estate management. What they didn’t know about laying a hedgerow wasn’t worth knowing.

“The closest I get to a farm now is the menagerie of chickens and Muscovy ducks and a handful of alpacas.”

And would James recommend Muddy Matches to his friends? “Absolutely. Muddy Matches saved me from the perils of loneliness I am sure of it.

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