To Infinity and beyond…

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

Muddy Matches join the nation’s game of ‘hide and seek’ to find Snowdonia’s secret infinity pool.

As temperatures soared past 30 and the need to cool down hit boiling point, finding new places to escape the heatwave has become something of an obsession in recent weeks.

So it felt the right time for Muddy Matches to dive into a game of ‘hide and seek’ that is capturing the nation’s adventurous side as people go on the hunt for a tiny infinity pool, hidden away in the Snowdonia Hills, with breathtaking views of the rugged Welsh countryside.

Dubbed the ‘super secret infinity pool they don’t want you to know about’, the location of the hidden gem still remains hard to find for those not in the know and the ‘secret’ has been well kept even with social media rife amongst the mountain climbing community who have unearthed it.

So what do we know? Well, We know the beauty spot is nestled somewhere above the Llanberis Pass, with the water’s edge giving the illusion of merging into the rugged landscape on all four sides – the local media reports tell us that much.

We also know the site exists because of local farmer Wynn Mostyn Jones, who built a hydro electric weir as part of a green energy project scheme on a small mountain stream.

But then the trail runs cold – quite literally – as cold as we imagine the infinity pool to be in fact.

Now the biggest game of ‘hide and seek’ in the national park is under way with explorers taking their clues from Instagram profiles, Youtube clips and facebook updates to try and pinpoint its exact location.

Others have spent hours scouring Google Earth and satellite images to help with the search.

Youtube Video credit: DaveWoodAdventure

There was even thought that it may have been photoshopped such is the wow factor but those that have discovered it can now see why its location should remain a mystery.

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And, if by chance, you stumble across this hidden gem on your travels, make sure you dive right in. For us.