Fancy grabbing a coffee?

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Ground in due diligence, online daters over 40 favour coffee dates as their ‘go to’ first real life meet

Conducted in the ‘good ol days’ of January 2020, recent research has confirmed that ‘grabbing a coffee’ is the go to ‘first real life meet’ for folk over 40 who meet online through dating apps or online dating websites whilst those aged 20-35 prefer the formality of dinner or a glass of something cold after work.

Whilst at Muddy Matches we don’t think it’s the muddiest of first meetings nor indeed the most original – it certainly isn’t ‘we spent a week together in a horse box’ or ‘i invited her to the country show’ – we can well appreciate the merits in bonding over a brew, especially if there is cake thrown in for good measure.

(We have plenty of time for cake.)

Relaxed, inexpensive, ideal for conversation and convenient; a first date over coffee makes sense. As the report suggests that first MIRL (meet in real life) isn’t about romantic gestures or sparks flying (that can come later on date 2 or 3 with dinner); its grounded – pun intended- in due diligence and fact checking.

Chatting over a skinny toffee nut latte or flat white presents a perfect opportunity to gauge the strength of your connection that has been forged online whilst unearthing just how genuine that bio – and that love of shared interests – actually is in a social setting which can last 10 minutes or hours depending on how its going.

Coffee is the prelude of sorts then; before the real fun of getting to know someone can start.

Here at Muddy Matches we are never ones to judge a book by its cover but rumour has it you can also tell a lot about personality from the coffee they choose to order.

Problem is, something as every day as ‘grabbing a coffee’ is, of course, not an option at present with dating from a distance encouraged and virtual dates now the new normal.

Here at Muddy Matches though, we don’t think you should miss out on all that lovely feel good buzz that comes from the coffee rush, especially with someone who your heart desires.
Everyone deserves a good natter over a cup of the black stuff.

That’s why we have teamed up with artisan coffee roaster, Fountain Rock from Dorset to offer members the chance to taste test 4 speciality coffees over video call with your muddy match.

Family run and based out of a small roasthouse on the Jurassic Coast The Fountain Rock ‘Explorer Kit+ has been specially put together with Muddy Matches in mind – and can be ordered for a special price of £12.50

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