Muddy Matches blooms as manners matter to locked down daters

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Muddy Matches blooms as new study reveals common courtesy and manners matter to locked down online daters.

Looking for love in the lockdown has brought out the best of British manners with people displaying more patience and politeness as they date from a distance – according to new research by the Online Dating Association (ODA).

The new study, which also revealed that over 2.3 million folk had turned to online dating websites and apps during the last 30 days of lockdown, pointed towards a welcome revival in good, old fashioned ‘gallantry’ and decency.

23% of all respondents to the ODA survey believed that their online dating experience during the lockdown has been more polite, whilst 18% felt people were ‘less pushy’ during messaging exchanges.

As a founding member of the ODA, Muddy Matches have always been a leading advocate for the traditional values when looking for love online; for us, manners have always mattered. So it is welcome to hear that this has become somewhat of the ‘new normal’ of late with the new wave of lockdown dater putting a value on patience as a virtue.

The ODA survey results also part explain the bloom in numbers Muddy Matches have seen in recent weeks as more and more new faces put their trust, and faith, in credable online dating services with a clear emphasis on a member experience that brings the feel good factor you should expect from online dating.

The conduct and common courtesy of our members, alongside the human touch we put into customer care are regularly commended so much so that blossoming sign up has ploughed Muddy Matches on past the 1/2 million member milestone earlier than anticipated.

Swiping right brings light entertainment but it seems those actively swiping are now seeking comfort in common courtesy and downright decent personality traits; 30% of those surveyed felt that those new to online dating should “take your time and begin to get to know the real person, not just the profile”.

With an emphasis on forging the solid foundations for a relationship with shared interests, background and lifestyle goals, that’s where niche dating sites, like Muddy Matches, thrive.

Significantly more than half of those surveyed believe they are now having longer, more meaningful, conversations on dating services – and at Muddy Matches HQ we are absolutely seeing that bare fruit. The number of messages exchanged between our rural romantics, each actively looking for their needle in a haystack, is at levels higher than the same time last year – and are on par with our busiest times of year, such as New Year and Valentines Day.

To unearth a different online dating experience based upon traditional values and all the best bits of country life, take another look at Muddy Matches; where manners really do matter.