Shepherdess seeks her ‘muddiness’ lost in lockdown

Monday, May 04th, 2020

“It’s now time to find my knight in shining Barbour” says shepherdess, and new Muddy Matches member, Suzie.

An aspiring smallholder and part time shepherdess from Buckinghamshire has joined Muddy Matches on a quest to ‘fulfil all the muddiness’ she has had to forgo after lockdown put paid to her usual plans in the countryside.

The 42-year-old says finding someone to share her love of the rural life would indeed be “fab’ewe’lous” but equally admits (after a string of sheep related puns) that she “needs to get out more!”.

“This time of year, I am usually found knee-deep in all things sheep and farm-related,” Suzie tells us from a socially safe distance. “Come lambing season I like to get out and about to help out local farmers who need an extra pair of hands – and I love it. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with the animals I love and to learn more about rural life.”

Suzie, who manages a small flock of sheep whilst also working in a critical role on the key worker register, says she has a real affinity for ‘all things muddy’ but admits its been difficult this year with the social distancing measures in place and a restriction on non essential travel. With key worker responsibilities, she is unable to get her helping hands stuck into other people’s fields.

“The lockdown has scuppered all of that.” she says. We feel her disappointment and pain and know of many folk in a similar situation. “It’s just been me and my little flock, shepherding alone this year. It’s been quiet, very quite indeed. This morning, I’ve realised that I haven’t spoken to anyone for nearly 3 days. So I’m off to bore the fleeces off my sheep.”

Suzie is as keen as mustard to put a bit of welcome noise into the silence. She has now joined Muddy Matches with a view to finding some like minded companionship who shares her interests and gets her passion for mud on her boots.

“I think it’s now time to find my knight in shining Barbour to fulfil all that muddiness that I’ve had to forego; to find a companion who I can enjoy a few other things in life with” she says.

And she’s put out a rallying call to the Muddy Matches men out there; “Someone, please give me reason and opportunity to put some nice shoes on once lockdown is lifted. Equally, I’m here to meet a man who doesn’t mind if my hair sticks up in the morning and if I occasionally have mud under my nails!”

Suzie is amongst the many new faces that have joined Muddy Matches since lockdown was imposed on the nation in late March. Whilst for many of our rural and remote members live goes on largely as normal out in the countryside, there are swarms of other countryside-loving singletons who do find themselves – and their love of the country life – parked inside.

With that sees folk turning to the comforts, and excitement, of online dating to help fill the void. Dating from a distance and building relations with new people online is, absolutely, the new normal.

Muddy Matches was recently described as an ‘excellent tonic for lonliness’ and it is easy to see why; country life dating is blooming.
New faces are telling us that online dating give a sense of purpose and, whilst through a screen, helps in a small part with the human interaction so craved currently. The exchange of messages between members has risen significantly as people find the beauty in talking shared interests, passions and backgrounds for hours on end.

For Shepherdess Suzie, the reason for joining is also a little muddy: “I think my flock would really appreciate me finding another distraction; and you never know, I might just meet my Muddy Match.”
So, for the sake of her sheep, get in touch with Suzie and give them a break!


We wish Suzie luck in her quest to find her knight in shining Barbour.