Virtual Date – Canoe paddle to camp in the wilderness

Wednesday, April 08th, 2020

Experience the tranquil waters together, then set up camp for the night just as the sun goes down.

This 360 virtual date experience has been hand picked out by our Muddy Matches founder, Lucy and it’s one well worth going a little further afield into the middle of true winderness for, especially for a chance to sit and take in the sunset.

It’s time for you and your choice of muddy date to paddle a two person canoe across the tranquil waters of Erables Lake, surrounded by vast maple hills in Far North Algonquin, Ontario. Just make sure you keep the stroke level up as you are heading to camp by the lake as the sun goes down!

Enjoy a moment of true bliss, peace and quiet to calm the frustrations of your muddy isolation. Pick a muddy match from your favourites list or message inbox, then get them on the phone, facetime or zoom.

Ready? Paddle. (Just don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to).

Search here for someone to paddle against life’s tide with.

Our top tips
Here’s a handful of questions to ensure your virtual date goes swimmingly

1. Are you a water baby and take every opportunity to go for a dip OR does the idea of a dunking fill you with dread?
2. Have you have any previous adventures by boat, be it canoe, barge, yacht or even ferry?
3. The Canadian Mountie is known for always getting his man – but what are you looking for in a country gent or country girl?
4. If you could tackle any river, lake or loch in the world, what water mass would you take on?
5. When the canoe hits shore, and the camp fire is lit, what would complete your perfect date?
6. Sunset or sunrise?
7. What’s the best sunset you have seen in your lifetime – and how did it make you feel?

Use #MuddyIsolation and tell us how this virtual date goes on our Twitter or Facebook channels to inspire others.