Miss England contestant reveals her muddy side in pursuit of love in the countryside

Friday, April 03rd, 2020

How a model Miss England contestant has revealed her country credentials to find her Mr Right with Muddy Matches

A quick flick through the Instagram story of Muddy Matches’ latest member Anna Stacey and you’d not necessarily get under the real skin of the 21 year old who came third in Miss British Isles pageant – nor fathom why she’s turned to the UK’s leading country life dating site for help!

Glamourous parties, model photoshoots, beauty pageants, pouting selfies and artist bikini shots that would make even the bullish of Whitebred shorthorn bulls blush. But it’s all part of a finely constructed social image the self confessed ‘horsey girl’ puts out to the wider world.

It’s definitely an eye opener – but one that Muddy Matches are happy to embrace, and for fair reason.

Take away the carefully manicured finish you’d expect of a former Miss England contestant and get past the fake eye lashes and freshly painted nails then Anna, the latest of the 2019 class of Love in the Countryside candidates to join Muddy Matches, reveals her well hidden country credentials.

And they come head to toe dressed in overalls with yard brush in hand.

“I’m an out and out country girl” she tells us. “Don’t let this (she points to her sultry dark eyes and snow white ombre hair) tell you any different.”

“When I’m home in Lincolnshire, I live on a smallholding with my parents, two horses (Elvis and Mickey) and four working dogs. I can bore you silly when I talk about being the captain of the equestrian team, helping out in the equine rings and my two whippets.”

“It’s already driving me a bit bonkers being in lockdown as I’m stuck at university with no horses or dogs to keep me entertained. In fact, I think this is the longest I’ve gone without riding for about 15 years.

“So never underestimate a country girl” she jokes. Clearly, behind the façade, Anna is as genuine as they come about her rural roots.

Not convinced? Then check out her profile pictures that show off the two contrasting sides to her personality perfectly; the glamour puss, with a the wardrobe fit for a catwalk, and the country lass, fresh from the field with working dogs in tow, responsibly, of course, on leads.

Then there’s the equestrian photos of our diminutive jockey jumping fences. Rosette winning. No high heels here – it’s the horse that’s been well groomed on this occasion.

Looks, certainly in this case, can be very much deceiving.
We hear a lot of members, especially of the ‘swipe, swipe, thanks’ generation, who talk of being as happy in wellies as they are in a pair of designer Louboutins (heels so expensive they would make your eyes water for the less informed). Anna just takes that to the next extreme. And she’s here, signed up and subscribed to Muddy Matches with every good intention.

Now, she just needs a country gent who appreciates her need for mud on her boots (sometimes knee high) – that’s where Muddy Matches steps in.

“I get my fair share of male attention when I go out – much of it of the unwanted type – and, of course, I get loads of compliments from blokes on my social media but I’m ready to find something a bit more ‘me’. She says. “I’m looking for a bloke who can help me on the yard, and with the dogs, and will put up with my constant talk about horses…”

She’s serious too. She’s tried her luck to find love, not just a roll in the hay, before; on telly in fact. Anna’s 30 minute cameo in the October’s BBC Two series Love in the Countryside showed off her city-to-country credentials to the nation perfectly.

Alas, the ruggedly dashing check shirted Welsh sheep farmer – the object of her muddy desire – found more comfort in his fleeced friends than the three girls he’d whittled down to the ‘shortlist’.

His loss is the definite gain for Muddy Matches’ men aged 20 to 35 – and there’s plenty of them who will be keen to get on Anna’s radar.
And for the lucky gent? Well he gets the best of both worlds.

Now, dig out the yard brush, get handy with it and stand in line.

There’s a fair queue forming.