GQ list Muddy Matches in list of top dating sites

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

“If ruddy cheeks, horse-riding, large country piles and quadruple-barrelled names are your thing, Muddy Matches is for you!” GQ Magazine

At Muddy Matches, we always love it when people with a little less inclination to get mud on their boots take an active interest in our country life online dating website.

New faces, keen to know more about the country credentials of our members, are more than welcome over the farm fence to experience our award winning service that is trusted by rural and farming communities.

So we are delighted to be named in the GQ British Magazine’s list of Top 20 online dating websites and apps worth checking out and using.

GQ Magazine, with its expert voice on men’s fashion, trends, style, sport and culture, may not be a natural first thought when thinking of a muddy lifestyle but we think there are lots of well groomed urbanites out there for whom fresh air and country pursuits could well be their, as yet unfound, happy place.

We are namechecked 12th – one place just below Tinder. What’s more their review made us chuckle whilst self isolating so check it out in full here.

Mud wrestling indeed!

Did you know a rather healthy 10% of our country loving romantics have a ‘muddy’ score of 40% or less!


Broaden your immediate horizons with Muddy Matches – the UK’s leading online dating service by a fair country mile for folk who live, work, love the rural life.