Dressed to Impress with #FieldtoFab

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Work a typical 9 ’til 5 office job and it is fast approaching that ‘magical’ time of the year when the watercooler chat turns to the upcoming festivities; the ‘what to wear’ for the Christmas party is topic of choice. The debate of what constitutes ‘smart casual’ becomes AOB on meeting agendas.

And as for the impromptu shopping trips for matching bag and shoes? That’s a lunch time staple from mid November onwards.

For those folk working on the country’s green and pleasant land however, such luxuries are rarely afforded, and this year especially, are certainly not front of mind. Where time is precious and the work has been made ever harder by the inclement weather, the prospect of an office Christmas party seems a million miles away.

If only the pot luck of Secret Santa could bring more working hours in the day, less rain and a crop yield somewhere near acceptable.

Thank goodness then for an all new social media trend that is lifting the spirits of country people and giving reason to glam up – albeit online – for the ever growing #FieldtoFab photo hashtag.

#FieldtoFab is the Instagram-fuelled brainchild of country girl turned gamekeeper Sophie (Instagram ID the.gamekeepers.girl) and gives people from all walks of country life the chance to share before and after photos – in and out of their country kit.


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It is a simple concept but one that has caught the imagination with posts getting thousands of likes – and here at Muddy Matches, home of countryside dating, we love it.

“I was just browsing online and noticed people getting dolled up for the festive season and going to events” Sophie said to us. “I just thought it would be fun and great to show Instagram that every once in a while we all scrub up well.”

It appears her call to arms has resonated right across the countryside with a whole range of folk getting involved; from farmers and dog trainers to soil technicians, dog trainers and even a pig farmer.

“I love the days when I get the opportunity to wear all the makeup and dress up; it’s great to go from being muddy and covered in dog hair to being glammed up.” Sophie added. “A lot of people are unrecognisable when not in their tweed and outdoor gear.”

The glammed up photos demand attention but there is no getting away from the sense of country that is the beating heart of those getting involved.

Huxley56 said her glammed up photos were a ‘throwback to when I didn’t smell of ferrets’ whilst Amanda, pictured carrying pheasants, suggests “even my fab has a little bit of the field in it.”

And not everyone found the transition from tweed to formal frock all that to their liking.
Former Muddy Matches dater Sophie (Insta ID countryside_and_me), who regularly uploads photos of her country life out hunting and fishing, admitted “I much prefer my tweed but occasionally we scrub up well.”

Some, like Clona Meg, found it a struggle though. “I don’t deny I love being outdoors in tweeds and wellies; its where I am at my most relaxed, happy and, truthfully, the best’me’.

Then there’s self dubbed ‘ladette turned country girl’ Alix who confirmed she ‘definitely feel more comfortable in tweed and wellies than dress and heels.”

Here at Muddy Matches, we think the #FieldtoFab hashtag offers a fun, alternative look at country living and it is something we would encourage our members to consider when uploading or renewing their profile photos with us.

To take a look at the #FieldtoFab photos in all their glory, search #FieldtoFab as a tag on Instagram.