TV Company Looking for Singles for New Show

Wednesday, October 02nd, 2013

Emma Furniss from TV casting company, Casting House got in touch with Muddy Matches to look for single people to take part in a new dating show.

Emma said:

“We are looking for single Mother and Daughter, and Father and Son duos to take part in a new dating show. The show focuses on the duo’s looking for love for each other, and picking dates for each other.

It could be that the Mum or Dad are divorced, and have been out of the dating game for a while and need that loving push from their children to find someone new. Or it may be that the daughter or son are renowned for always picking the wrong partners and need some parental guidance to find the right date.

Not only is this an opportunity for the individuals to find love but it’s also a chance for the duos to find out more about each other and to grow closer.

Participants will be paid expenses, and this is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to have fun and look for love!”

If you would like to know more, please contact Emma on 01908 681 142 or

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