How Muddy Are You? – The Winners

Thursday, May 09th, 2013

Young man in a blue checked=Back in April we launched a competition to replace some of our How Muddy Are You? quiz questions with ones suggested by our members. We had lots of brilliant entries and strangely enough more than one person suggested our favourites so we’ve had to award more prizes than we first planned to.

First prize winner

The first prize winner is Emma, who has won a year’s free subscription to Muddy Matches for her roadkill question. A special prize of 1 month also goes to Paul, who suggested a similar question.

If we’re honest, we did call the authorities to check that it is legal to eat roadkill and if the commonly held belief that “if the person in front of you hit it, you can eat it” is true. The police informed us that you are not breaking the law by removing a dead rabbit from the road, but “you must be wary of your own safety”. If you hit a pet or a deer you must report it to the police!

So, back to the point, Emma’s winning question is as follows…

You accidentally run over a rabbit in your car. Do you:

  • Check that it’s dead.
  • Have it for dinner.
  • Phone the vet.
  • Drive on in tears.

Second prize winner

With a muddy website, it was no surprise that many of the questions related to wellies. Two of the answers were so similar that we have decided to award a joint prize to Matt and Becks, of 3 months each. The question formed from Matt and Becks’ answers is…

How muddy are your wellies/walking boots?

  • I don’t own any.
  • Absolutely filthy; so dirty there’s no point cleaning them.
  • Pretty muddy, but you can still make out the original colour in places.
  • Dusty from lack of use.

Third prize winner

Another popular theme was what people do at the weekends and our favourite question came from Nadine, who wins a 3 month subscription to Muddy Matches. Nadine’s question is…

It’s Saturday morning and it’s a beautiful day, do you?

  • Get the tractor out to make up for lost time in the fields.
  • Fall out of the taxi that’s just dropped you home.
  • Get your jodhpurs/tweed out for a day outside.
  • Get your running shoes on for a jog before breakfast.

Fourth prize winner

Our fourth prize winner is Rae, who wins a month’s free subscription for her holiday question. We especially liked the answer about not being able to leave your animals behind to go abroad.

The ideal holiday abroad would mean packing:

  • Designer sunglasses, sun cream and a Kindle.
  • Sensible shoes, backpack and a guidebook.
  • Hiking boots, backpack and camping equipment.
  • I wouldn’t be able to leave the animals to go on holiday abroad.