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Wednesday, April 03rd, 2013

Legs with green muddy wellies and camo socksThis competition is now closed. We had a lot of excellent entries come through, so winners will now be announced once we have made our decision.

The ‘How Muddy Are You?’ quiz has been on the site from the beginning and has helped thousands of people to find out just how muddy they are. However, we feel it’s time for a revamp and we’d love to hear what you think, so we’re running a competition to see what you’d like to see in the quiz.

How to enter

Email a question to that you feel determines how ‘muddy’ someone is, along with four answers that range from very muddy to very townie.

For example our first question (in order of muddiness) says:

Where would your ideal house be?

  • In a remote area surrounded by woods, fields and a stretch of river.
  • In a village, a 5-minute walk from open fields and with a bus once a week.
  • In a town to be close to the shops but a short drive from the countryside or park.
  • In a city, to be close to the happening night life and extensive public transport.

The question and answers must be ‘muddy’, but not dirty (no rude words or double entendres) and shouldn’t be too geared towards one activity or job, as Muddy Matches appeals to a wide range of country-minded people.

What can I win?

We will be awarding four prizes for the best questions. The prizes will be as follows:

First prize – 1 years free subscription to Muddy Matches (worth £72)
Second prize – 6 months free subscription to Muddy Matches (worth £54)
Third prize – 3 months free subscription to Muddy Matches (worth £36)
Fourth prize – 1 month free subscription to Muddy Matches (worth £18)


To qualify for a free subscription you will need to be a member of Muddy Matches, if you are not currently a member please sign up for free. Only one free subscription will be awarded per winner. You do not need to be a current subscriber to enter the competition.

Entries must be received by Thursday 2nd May 2013.