Upcoming Countryside Events

Friday, March 01st, 2013

A horserider jumping over a jump.

Spring is in the air and planning for the big countryside festivals is in full-swing; in fact we’re adding more dates to the countryside calendar each week as the events organisers announce the dates, so that you can plan for the year ahead. We’ll also be adding to the Who’s Going? page so that you can arrange to meet up with other members at events across the UK and Ireland.

Although many of the countryside shows and agricultural events happen in the summer time and early autumn, the springtime is a great time for point-to-point events if you’re looking for an outdoor date idea. Point-to-points make a fantastic first date idea as you can get to know each other through a shared interest and in a public place. You don’t even have to be a horse lover to enjoy a day out at a point-to-point as there is a fantastic atmosphere at the events.

Our countryside calendar contains a link to every point-to-point in the UK and Ireland, so you don’t need to go anywhere else to start planning an equestrian date