The Results from Our Valentine’s Poll

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

A gold coloured cupid holding two red heartsOver the last few weeks, you may have noticed a poll question appearing when you log in to Muddy Matches, with questions ranging from ‘Have you ever given a Valentine’s Day card to a pet?’, right through to ‘Would you serve a luxury ready-meal to a date?’.

We’ve calculated the results and here they are:

New romance

We were pleased to find out that 71% of members would take a new date out on Valentine’s Day and following the success of our Free Love Weekend, we’re looking forward to hearing about your Valentine’s Day dates!

Hide under the duvet/ go out with friends

For those who haven’t arranged a date for Valentine’s Day, the top answer for what to do during the evening was ‘spend time with friends’, with only 36% saying that they would hide under the duvet.

Puppy love

For a countryside dating site, we were surprised to read that only 14% of people who answered the poll have ever sent or received a Valentine’s Day card from a pet. Maybe it’s just us then.

Get cooking

If you’ve got a date for Valentine’s Day, but have forgotten to buy a present, don’t panic! Nearly 90% of Muddy Matches members would prefer to be cooked a romantic meal than receive a present.

Muddy Matches members are also a good bet for cooking a romantic meal as only 25% said that they’d serve a luxury ready-meal to a date.

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