How Muddy Are You? – The Results

Thursday, January 03rd, 2013

Red bubbles with white writing saying will you be muddy? or will you be townie?With questions ranging from “How often do your wear your wellies”, through to asking how you’d find your way off a foggy moor, our muddy-townie ratio is a tongue-in-cheek way to find out just how ‘muddy’ you are and it has proved to be a popular feature of the site.

Using some computer wizardry (thanks to MM’s Steve) we’ve collated all of the results so far to find out where is the muddiest place in the UK and Ireland and just how many people are 100% muddy.

The muddiest place in the UK and Ireland

Drum roll please. Where do you think the ‘muddiest’ place in the UK and Ireland is?…

It’s Northern Ireland that takes the crown for the ‘muddiest’ place in the UK, with 10% of people taking the top score of 100% muddy and 62% overall scoring 70% or higher. The Republic of Ireland comes in a second with 7% of respondents hitting the 100% muddy mark. England ranks the lowest with just 4% getting the highest muddy rating.

However, if you live in England and are looking to find a date who is as outdoorsy as Ray Mears, then head to East Anglia, where 68% of people scored over 70% muddy.

What percentage of people are 100% muddy?

Overall, less than 1% of people are 100% muddy.

What’s the average score?

The most popular score was 70% muddy, closely followed by 60% muddy. The least popular score (unsurprisingly for a website aimed at country-minded people) was 0% muddy.

How do I find people who are as muddy as me?

On Muddy Matches, as well as the usual search terms such as age, location and gender, you can also search by people’s muddy to townie ratio. Just log in to your Muddy Matches account and click on the ‘Advanced search’ in the search box.

If you haven’t already taken the ‘How Muddy Are You?’ quiz, give it a go now and don’t forget to share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook so that you can compare scores.