Government Planning Reforms: Have your Say

Thursday, September 08th, 2011

Under the Coalition government’s proposed new planning rules, the UK countryside is under threat and the National Trust is campaigning to ask them to rethink.  On their website they say:

For decades our planning system has protected much loved places from harmful development. The Government’s reforms turn this on its head, using it as a tool primarily to promote economic growth instead.

Despite news that the Government has offered to talk through the proposed changes to the planning system, we’re not convinced they’re listening. Until Government can guarantee they’ll consider a new approach, we will continue to campaign hard and urge you to get involved.

We believe in growth – but not at all costs. Planning for people combines long-term growth with other important things like local character and space to breathe, tranquillity and beauty. We need a system that serves all our interests, from commerce to communities.

For more information about this issue, you might be interested in reading National Trust chairman Simon Jenkins’ recent article in the Guardian.  The latest updates are also being posted on the National Trust blog.  If you would like to support this campaign and have your say, please sign their petition by clicking on the link below.

Sign the National Trust Petition