Mud Lovers Ball – Photos and Feedback

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011
Mud Lovers Ball – Photos and Feedback

Thanks to everyone who came to the Mud Lovers Ball on Saturday – it was fab to see so many of you getting in the party spirit! 

We'll post a couple of photos from the night below but also wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the great feedback we've been receiving – we're delighted that you enjoyed yourselves!


Some of your feedback from the night:

"Thank you very much for an evening of huge fun on Saturday. Enjoyed so much,  the ambiance, meeting new people and the fact they were really good humoured. In fact the event reminded me of university ball and YFC days! How about a similar event towards the end of the year / new year? I sure you’d have plenty of takers!  Much looking forward to another MM event."

"Awesome night – thanks girls!  And I've got a date on Saturday!!"

"I just wanted to say thanks for running such a great event. I had a fantastic time, met loads of new people and would recommend it to anyone else who asked."

"Thank you for putting on a great event on Saturday, it really was a good night!"

"The Ball was great fun, thoroughly enjoyed myself – spent all evening chatting, dancing, bouncing* & shooting with a lovely chap."

"Thank you once again for a brilliant event which really had a very warm atmosphere."

"What a great event you organised the other day!  Congratulations for all the effort you must have gone through and thank you for pursuading me to come, I had a great time and made quite a few sociable friends as a result!  Keep it up! "

"Just a quick thank you for a fab night on saturday night.  It was brilliant, totally like a YFC party everybody was so friendly and the games were such an ice breaker.  Next year I think we'll bring more of the muddy theme into it.  Great to me the Eastern rep, she was lovely too. "

*In case you're wondering, we had a bouncy castle!!