Know any good country pubs in your area?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

We are in the process of putting together some more muddy social events for 2011 and are currently looking for a selection of good country pubs across the UK where we can host our Pub Grub Nights.

When it comes to choosing venues, we know that local knowledge is really important and often go on recommendations from our members. With this in mind, we thought we would ask if you can suggest any good pubs in your region.

We often get emails from people asking when we will next be holding an event in their region/county/back garden so now’s your chance to get us to put on an event in your neck of the woods!

The things we look for in a pub are:

• Good country pubs – think roaring fires and real ale, rather than trendy wine bar/gastro pub

• Reasonably priced food – good quality, heart-warming food with decent portion sizes that doesn’t cost the earth

• Seating – we would need to seat at least 20-40 people in one room

• Location – it needs to be relatively well connected by road (and ideally rail as well)

• Accommodation – if there’s a pub B&B that’s perfect, otherwise there need to be some hotels/B&Bs in the local area for those who wish to stay the night

If you have any suggestions, we’d be really grateful if you would drop us a quick line at with a link to the pub’s website or any contact details you have.