A Poem from One of Our Members

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

We thought we’d share this poem with you that Julie sent us:

We turn to Muddy Matches
To make our dreams come true
Trawl through a hundred profiles
Clicking Message-Favourite-View

That’s it, we pause. .
The perfect match for me
A text, a call, it’s easy
It’s miraculous I T

Like Amazon and E-Bay
The bargain will be mine
The pic looks good, the profile’s nice
And what a catchy line!

A thousand milli-seconds
To drive each other wild
And then go to another page
Impatient Techno-child

Will we care, and hug and laugh
And make some great friends too
Or will we email avatars
Like other ‘daters’ do?

In cyber-space we soon forget
That the warmth of human-kind
Is essential to our happiness
And what we need to find. . . . . . Julie 18.02.11