Hanging Out at an Eventer’s Yard

Tuesday, December 04th, 2007

We popped into international event rider Jamie Atkinson’s yard at Langley Park, Durham, to have a look round and meet his groom, Kirsty.

Being a groom is not for the feeble and involves long hours and lots of hard physical work.  The job consists of the general daily care of the horses in the yard:  mucking out the stables, replacing bedding, providing fresh water, preparing feed and hay, cleaning the tack and grooming and exercising the horses.  Working at an event rider’s yard, also means preparing the horses for events and competitions, and sometimes accompanying them.  It can be dirty, smelly work, carrying out many routine tasks in all kinds of weather conditions, so it’s not for everyone but, like most grooms, Kirsty has a passion for horses that far outweighs the negative aspects and is keen to get involved with eventing herself, so it is a great way to learn.  Other perks of job include getting to ride out a lot and being able to keep her own horse in the yard.

Hanging Out at an Eventer's Yard

Kirsty and her horse

Hanging Out at an Eventer's Yard

Exercising the horses

To find out more about eventing in the UK and to get involved, visit www.britisheventing.com.