Hedge Cutting

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Whilst staying on a friend’s farm in East Lothian, we got the chance to have a go at a bit of hedge cutting.  We must admit, it looked pretty easy so we thought it was going to be a doddle but, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and there are probably some wonky hedges on a farm just outside Edinburgh to vouch for that!

Hedge Cutting

Lucy getting a tractor driving lesson

First of all we needed to brush up on our tractor driving skills.  You’d think after mastering the art of manoeuvring a country cottage on wheels about the narrow lanes of Great Britain, driving a tractor in a straight line shouldn’t have been too hard, but again we were wrong.

This didn’t bode well but, still, our patient friend insisted that we have a go.  Eventually, we managed to get our head around the controls and start chopping – seriously are Massey Fergusons designed by NASA?  And what’s all this ‘half gear’ business anyway?

Hedge Cutting

Emma getting to work. Don’t worry, the telegraph pole is further away than it looks!

Now please spare a thought for hedge cutters across the UK next time you get stuck behind one – apparently our mate has been threatened by impatient drivers on many an occasion, and one time a man even got out of the car with a baseball bat!