Muddy Matches at BASC HQ

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Having met a couple of people who work for BASC over the weekend we decided it might be nice to pay them a visit at their office since we were practically passing the door.

It was great: we met up with Jane who gave us a tour (they’ve got cool offices based around a converted mill), we had a cup of tea, then tried to persuade a lady to get her daughter to join Muddy Matches and finally went to say hello to Jeffrey Olstead who is the editor of their magazine, Shooting and Conservation. He’d never met us before and probably wondered what on earth we were doing there but was very nice all the same!

We did cause a bit of chaos in the car park but it was lovely to meet a few new people so we’re glad we went.

Muddy Matches at BASC HQ

Sorry the picture’s a bit rubbish – it was quite late when we got there and we haven’t really worked out the twilight settings on the camera yet!