The Bell at Smarden

Monday, October 29th, 2007

The location for our second Pub Social Night, The Bell at Smarden in Kent is one of those rare finds: a pub that’s worth moving counties for to make it your local!

With a number of different rooms, there’s something to suit everyone, but we spent most the night in the Cellar Bar, where you can warm you behind on the roaring fire and engage in some friendly banter with the regulars. Word in the car park was that the place was brilliant but had been going downhill over the last few years and, now the new landlords (or ‘innkeepers’ since they serve real ale), Chris and Karen, have started working there, it is being restored to it’s former wonder. A great couple, they were really kind to us and even would have let us plug into the leccy (err…if Lucy – the muppet – hadn’t left the adaptor in Essex!).

The pub was built during the reign of Henry VIII in 1536 so has plenty of history (and a framed record of past landlords going back to 1630) but, according to Chris, the only spirits in the pub are the ones he serves behind the bar.

The Bell at Smarden

Jim and Lucy Making a Racket

Go there on the right day (or the wrong day depending on your taste in music) and you’ll catch Jim on his squeeze box. He’s quite a character – we were a bit nervous about reversing the next day after he had kindly offered to sleep under the motorhome (to protect us…we think).

The Bell
Bell Lane
TN27 8PW
01233 770283