Let the Marathon Commence

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

After months of planning and an inordinate amount of chat about motorhomes, we are finally ‘on the road’.

We were greeted with the usual number of problems one gets on important days when you’re trying to leave on time but we didn’t let the odd flat car battery and a complete lack of mobile phone reception get the better of us and we managed to be heading down our drive at 3.30 pm.

We were actually only driving twenty minutes down the road to Melchbourne, and needed to be there for 7pm, but we had Jenny Kirk from BBC Look East filming our departure and, to give her time to edit the footage for the 6.30pm news, we agreed to leave early.

We're on the Road

As sod’s law would have it, our bit didn’t make it to air on the 22nd, but we made the most of hanging about in a pub car park for a few hours by solving a few motorhome teething problems before people started arriving for the pub quiz at 7.30pm.

So there you have it…the Muddy Marathon has begun.  Don’t worry though, the website is running as usual and Christina is holding the fort while we’re away.

Look out for us on the road!  Emma is the chief driver for the trip so do beep your horn to say hello and she promises to wave.

We're on the Road

We really hope to meet some of you along the way, so keep an eye on our itinerary and, if you  see something in your area, please come and say hi.