First things first

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Anyone remember our fishing competition?  If you’ve joined the website after March 1st you might just be wondering what the devil we’re talking about but if you do remember – yes, there were some winners – it just takes a little longer than you might think to launch a news page!

So after painstakingly writing down every valid entry on to a little piece of paper, screwing them up, blindfolding Emma and making her pick one, it was [drum roll please] a lovely lady called Flick from Buckinghamshire who won our first prize: a week’s fishing holiday in the Scottish Highlands.  Unsurprisingly, she had no trouble finding nine people to go with her and they’re all planning to travel to Inverness Agatha Christie-style on the sleeper train at the end of September.  Apparently Flick had never won anything before so this is quite a good start!

Our second prize, as you may remember, was a year’s supply of Jelly Belly beans and a retro jelly  bean machine.  This was won by a lucky man called David from Cirencester – so ladies, if you’ll excuse the pun, you know who to sweet talk!

David with his Jelly Belly beans

Finally, the first two people to fully complete a profile and add a photo were Charlotte from Lincolnshire and Martin from North Yorkshire so they got to choose a fun Splash shirt.

Charlotte, who was facing the prospect of a grim Monday back at work after skiing in the Alps for a week, was very pleased to find a cheerful email in her inbox informing her that she had won and chose a shirt with “Fair Game” written on the back – we like it!

Now Martin (wise man) very kindly offered his prize to his wife Rachel who, seven months pregnant at the time, opted for a hoodie with “Nag Nag Nag” written on the back.  Rachel is due in May and we imagine it is a long time since she has seen her feet, so we wish them all the very best of luck with the future addition to their family.

Rachel wearing her Splash shirt