100% rural dating profiles you’d only find on Muddy Matches

Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

Online dating with Muddy Matches attracts thousands of singletons, from all walks of country life, each week. Each joins hoping to find their needle in a haystack when it comes to matters of the heart.

The hunt for rural romance is inspired by a desire to share their muddy way of life, and every new online dating profile is thoroughly vetted for countryside credentials.

Mud lovers want to celebrate their grubby side, and this often means quirky rural comments find their way into the bio copy on dating profiles. Some of the profiles are so thickly laden in country life that you can almost smell the slurry.

In this dating advice post, we wallow in some of best – 100% genuine bio lines we’ve spotted in real life profiles that you’re only ever likely to find on Muddy Matches.

“I’ll pretend to be interested and listen when you talk about your collection of vintage agricultural machinery  if you pretend I am always right, about everything. Do we have a deal?”

Sally, 51 knows the secret to a muddy relationship is compromise!

“It’s come to that point in life where, as much as I love talking to my herd of Herefords, I think it would be good to chat cows and other nonsense with a likeminded woman who finds my jokes funny, instead.”

It’s black and white for Ian, 43. He’s hoping love ‘mooooves’ in mysterious ways.

“I’d love to match with a real country gent who will look at me the same way I look at the new John Deere brochure. He’s out there, I know he is. Are you my muddy Mr Right?”

On the pull. Lisa, 36, could well be a-tractored to you!

“I’m a crazy goat girl on the hunt for someone who embraces all my weirdness and can accept that we will forever be surrounded by animals with my hoarding issues!”

Ask Sarah about her gourmet goats… no, we’re not kidding!

“Horses before hoes; Dogs before dudes kind of a person! Basically animals are the key to my happy heart but I wouldn’t mind a man with a farm (not essential though).”

Go on, release the animal instincts in Victoria, from Hampshire.

“Young estate manager, looking to find someone in the same field as me… literally! Looking to find my final sheep to roll around in the hay shed with.”

Joel, 27, deserves to have the girls ‘flocking’ to him with such a pun-tastic profile.

Looking to date. Just a chance to put make up on for someone would be nice. That would make for a pleasant change from having cow muck on my face after feeding up.

Lisa, Norfolk will be ‘made up’ if she finds a fella who appreciates the scent of eau de’ farm.

“Crazy horse girl so really looking for a farmer that has a towbar and a place to keep my horse! Just kidding (unless you have a towbar. And free livery yard space).

Laura’s playful wish list is for a stable relationship, with benefits of a country kind.

For nearly 2 decades now, Muddy Matches has been well trusted as the UK and Ireland’s original, award-winning online home of farmer dating and rural dating by a clear country mile.

Attracting singles from all walks of country life, it is considered THE go-to online dating service to find love in the countryside.