9 Autumnal date ideas, ideal for countryside lovers

Thursday, September 28th, 2023
Ten Outdoorsy Date Ideas For The Autumn

Here at MuddyMatches.co.uk, we love to embrace the changing seasons and celebrate each for its beauty and uniqueness. As a community of country-loving singles, we know that you feel the same way and what better way to celebrate than with a fresh air date in the great outdoors?

As well as being a super-romantic time to date (all that dappled sunshine, falling leaves and hazy light), the heat of summer has passed, which means you can enjoy lots of country pursuits without working up too much of a sweat. So snuggle up in the evenings and revamp your MuddyMatches.co.uk online dating profile – then make the most of the daylight with other countryside singles on one of these top dating ideas for autumn.

1. Woodland walks

A quintessentially autumnal date, wandering through woodland paths and glades won’t only help you reconnect with nature, it might also connect you with your date as you kick up leaves and childhood memories. We love the idea of ‘forest bathing’ too. This easy to do form of meditation sees you simply sit quietly under the trees and allow your senses to be bathed in the smells and sounds of the forest.

2. Walk, jog or cycle to your local pub or restaurant

Getting active together is a great way to connect and alleviate pre-date nerves, and you’ll be more than ready to relax and refuel with a hearty pub meal when you arrive.

3. Go foraging

Our rural roots mean that we heartily love to eat with the seasons, and what better way to get closer to nature’s bounty than to forage for yourselves? From mushrooms (check you know your varieties) to blackberries, sloe berries to rose hips, crab apples to cooking apples, an hour or so in the British countryside can give you a week’s worth of treats. A shared goal – or sense of competition on who can pick the most – will guarantee that conversation flows easily. Plus you can continue your date with time in the kitchen making jam, putting sloe gin to infuse or baking up a crumble.

4. Prep the garden

Allotments and worked gardens are a hot trend right now, and for many rural romantics it’s a perfect opportunity to get your hands dirty together. Come Autumn, it’s time to prepare your plot for the cold winter months and your spring crops, so it’s worth putting in the time now. Get your date on board – as well as an extra pair of hands, they’ll likely have some hints and tips to share with you. And after? Warm up with a drink in the garden or have a bbq on the bonfire.

5. Help with the harvest

Off the wall? Yes. Super satisfying? Yes. Ridiculously romantic? Yes, yes and yes! Did you know that many vineyards around the countryside welcome volunteers to help with the harvest of their precious grapes? Although you may not get paid in monetary terms, you and your date can relax after a hard day of picking with a glass or two of your vineyard’s vintage. Cheers!


6. Canal boating

While a weekend away with a dreamy couple of days on the English canals on your very own. You’ll see the countryside from a different point of view as you smoothly drift by. And, navigating a lock and steering the boat will give you a good idea of how your country love copes under pressure.

7. Hit the peaks

Cooler weather just adds an extra dimension to hill-walking or running in the Lake District and the UK’s other 14 National Parks: think breathtaking views over frosty trees, misty mountains and frozen lakes. You can always keep it low level if the weather looks particularly changeable. A post-walk visit to a local pub with a roaring fire is a must.

8. Head to an apple festival

The orchards are groaning under the weight of plump, ripe apples and pears, so embrace the seasons and head out to a special apple festival. The National Trust and many of our National Parks host annual apple festivals, where you can test your apple variety knowledge, challenge yourself to performing the perfect peel, and pick up a litre of freshly-pressed juice.

9. Head for a unique staycation

If you’re looking to impress your rural love, a weekend away is always a good idea. After all, exploring a new area together, staying in romantic accommodation and seeing the seasons turn is uber-romantic and special. For a countryside twist, though, why not look further than the standard hotel of B&B? From luxury yurts to restored shepherds huts, renovated train carriages to star-gazing pods and tree houses, the UK is home to some incredibly unique forms of accommodation. And, by staying here, you’l be doing your bit to support the local economy.