The secret to winning a country lover’s heart

Friday, June 24th, 2022

Here at Muddy Matches, we regularly get asked about the best way to win the heart of a country lover.

Folklore would tell you the way to a man’s heart his through his stomach. So maybe a heaty farmhouse breakfast or a proper homely roast is key?

Maybe, as some singles suggest, a spontaneous, sense of adventure in a good pair of well-worn wellies also does the trick?

There is one secret way to make sure-fire waves when it comes to matters of the heart with a mud lover; a good old roaring log fire!

It’s about the crackle of kindling when it comes to letting the chemistry and connection sizzle.

Over 35% of those mud loving singles looking for a countryside connection whilst dating with us, tell us that proposing a date in front of an open woodburning fire, preferably in an intimate country pub, is the best way to woo.

Of the 140 interests and passions we invite singletons to add to their profile to boost their countryside credentials, the attraction of log fires take the number one spot by a fair country mile.

It makes sense too. Traditional log fires have always conjured up romantic ideas of being snuggled up, close and personal for some quality together time. Hollywood helps too in promoting it as a quintessentially English thing.

There’s some science in it, too. The glow, sounds and warming smells awaken your instincts and heighten your senses, which all improves your state of mind.

The cosy comfort makes you feel naturally at ease and more relaxed, which bodes well for a date. It helps you enjoy life in the moment.

So, at Muddy Matches, our advice is simple; when thinking about inviting country lovers out for a date, avoid old dating habits of wining and dining and swerve new wave adventure dating ideas. Instead, opt for somewhere where a traditional log burner can really stoke the flames.

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