Tackling an age old question: Have I been single too long?

Wednesday, June 08th, 2022

Why is it that, in certain parts of society, being single can sometimes mean that you’re at a disadvantage?

From the well-meaning platitudes of relatives enquiring as to the status of your love life, and the romantic stories that we’re fed on the TV, on film and in books, to extortionate single supplements when travelling solo, being single can often make you feel like a second class human being.

We know that many people are happy in their own skin and content with life. They love the freedom, independence and spontaneity it brings. But, if you’re a countryside loving singleton browsing through Muddy Matches, it’s more likely that you feel keen, eager and empowered to unearth rural love with a mud lover like you.

Today’s countryside dating blog looks at all the reasons why it’s never too late to find love, and why you’ve never been single for too long.

1. You’re not too old

Just last week, a mud lover, on social media enquired as to whether she would be too old to join. She was 61! On Muddy Matches, all countryside daters must be over eighteen to join, but there’s not an upper age limit. Do you know why? It’s because you’re never too old to date. Whether you’ve always been single, you’re separated or divorced, or if you’ve been widowed, it’s your choice to start looking for love with a new rural dater, so take the plunge today.

2. There is nothing wrong with you

When all around you, people are shacking up and finding love, it’s very easy to start to believe that your stars may just never align. And sometimes, your self-esteem and self confidence can be so low that you actually think you must be ‘undateable’. Stop right there.

We all have our good points and our flaws, and life circumstances also mean that it’s not been possible for you to find time or space to devote to looking for love in the countryside.

Spend time building up your self-confidence and self-esteem, and when you feel you value yourself again, commit to unearthing someone who loves you the way you are.

3. It’s ok to do things your own way

So you haven’t followed the traditional path of dating; building the countryside connection, moving in together, marriage and babies. Perhaps you’ve had other priorities; you’ve been building your career, you’ve been travelling, been caring for relatives or simply enjoying life in a single world.

Be reassured that it is totally ok to do things your own way, in your own time at your own pace. If you’re happy with a relationship where you live apart, then fab. If you both don’t want children, then great. Or if you have children, a blended family will come together. There is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ rural romance and life; the most important thing is to be true to yourself.

4. Be sure it’s worth the wait

Whilst we know that single life can sometimes be tough, please try to take time to be grateful for all the things that being solo means you can do. Then remember, that once you find your true love in the countryside, it will all come together and will be even sweeter for the wait.

5. Don’t be ashamed of your dating past

Whether you’re divorced, you’ve been on hundreds of dates, or you’ve not dated for a while, it really doesn’t matter. Someone who loves you and cares about you won’t judge you on your dating history. Life in the present, not the past, and crucially, enjoy every moment.

6. Devotion doesn’t fade with age.
We have all seen them; the old couple, sat on the park bench on our lunchtime walk, holding hands, enjoying each others company without a care in the world. We have all thought ‘bless them’. The thing is, we are all capable of getting to that position. Unlike looks and physical attraction, the power of devotion doesn’t fade the older we get. In fact the counter argument is that it gets stronger and more prominent; that a person’s will to care for another, gets greater with need.

Be bold, be brave and go forth into countryside dating.

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