Reasons to take the lead and date a dog lover

Wednesday, June 08th, 2022

As dog walking proves a pedigree hobby to list on dating profiles, Muddy Matches explore reasons why dog lovers make great life partners.

At Muddy Matches country life dating, we have spent the best part of 15 years matching mud loving singles, based upon their shared interests and common ground.

As the UK’s original, trusted home of farmer dating, you would expect to see farming and agricultural themes high up the interests list… but you’d be forgiven for being mistaken.

In fact, it’s dog walking that takes top spot on the list of hobbies and interests when ranked by their popularity of being picked to display on country-life dating profiles. How very muddy!

In the last year alone, 1 in 3 muddy dating profile have made reference to dog walking, and that fits with the boom that’s well talked of when it comes to lockdown pet ownership.

So, we thought it worth looking at some bone-fidy reasons to date a dog lover:

They don’t mind a bit of muck!
As loveable as they are, dogs can be mucky creatures and their owners can’t shy away from picking up poo. That bodes well for live with other mud lovers, who often spend their days knee deep in the stuff in cow sheds or livery yards.

The know what unconditional love feels like.
A dog knows nothing else than to love its owner unconditionally; and that feeling will rub off on a dog lover to the benefit of their human relationships, when it comes to commitment and wholehearted emotional connection.

They have natural urge for outdoor life
Be it an early morning or after work walkies, dog lovers take every opportunity to get a daily dose of fresh air whilst spending time with their four-legged friend. For country-life daters, that natural instinct to get outdoors is extremely welcome, and something to bond over.

They are natural born communicators
Dog lovers will tell you that a good dog walk gives you ample breathing space to think and ponder life’s big questions; and that makes them rounded individuals, able to give an opinion, capable of expressing themselves well. Communication, we all know, is key to any human relationship.

They can be affectionately playful
Research says that dog lovers are more playful and more willing to dish out cuddles, even without the need to roll over onto your belly or chase a tennis ball. Its to do with the level of Vitamin D they get into their bodies from dog walks that makes them happier and fun to be around.

Spontaneity is their middle name.
Dog lovers typically go with the flow, and that laid back approach to life lets their spontaneous side flourish, more than the average person. As, we all know spontaneity can spark love and romance.

Responsibility comes as standard
Owning a dog inspires loyalty, respect and responsibility; from pooper-scooper-ing to ensuring the dog’s wellbeing 24/7. They are values and characteristics that are important in human relationships too. Balance that responsible head with a playful edge, and that’s a rounded character!

Commitment like no other
Dog lovers will drop everything for their dog; with some even popping home from work to take the dog out for a walk. 2-3 times a day, they won’t miss a minute and that level of commitment  

They absolutely appreciate no one’s perfect.
Man’s best friend comes with some pretty big flaws; from muddy paws on the sofa to doggy breath and, slobber. But dog lovers look through the grubby bits and only see joy. Take that into a human relationship and all your hang ups and life blemishes won’t matter one jot to your partner.

Be bold, be brave and go forth into countryside dating.

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