11 reasons to date a horse lover

Tuesday, May 03rd, 2022

From a nurturing spirit to shouldering responsibility in the saddle… and not a reference to whips in sight!

Google ‘reasons to date a horse lover’ and you will find a lot of the same type of blog; strong thighs, good bum, romantic beach rides… Then there will some unnecessary mumbo jumbo about jodhpurs, and easy access to whips and spurs.

At Muddy Matches country-life dating, with a singles network who love everything equine to match, we are about much more than the physical stuff. Our dating advice delves deeper.

So, enjoy our considered 11 reasons why saddling up to date a horse lover can be more than just a canter.

They have shown they are capable of commitment
One thing is sure about horse lovers; they are fiercely loyal… It may be to a horse but working with horses in a nurturing way builds empathy and sensitivity in humans that is great for forming deep emotional connections.

They are of good moral fibre
Animal psychologists tell us a horses’ behaviour is closely related to the trust it has in its handler and the respect it feels from the rider. The horse can feel honesty through the saddle. These are old fashioned values that humans hold in high regard too when it comes to a making a relationship work.

They absolutely ‘get’ the country lifestyle
From the early starts to picking up the poo, horse lovers will know more than most about the challenges of rural living and country-life. Their devotion to life in the livery yard will mean they better appreciate and accept the hard work and unsocial hours that are bread and butter of the rural life you lead.

They know the importance of free time and independence
‘I just need a bit of space!’ All solid relationships thrive on a bit of breathing space; to let off steam or to escape routine. Horse lovers value their free time more than most and for a few hours away from it all in the saddle. They will also know the value of giving you space to pursue your interests too.

They are tolerant of mood swings
You know the saying ‘as stubborn as a mule’? Well, horses are known to be moody mares when they want to be. Horse lovers are especially equipped with the skill of compromise and ‘give and take’ tactics that work just as well in human relationships. If they can handle the mood of a 1,000lb horse, they can sure handle you.

They are happy, positive people (science says so)
Proper research reveals that horse riding inspires a feel-good feeling in people; from increased self esteem to heightened sense of wellbeing and purpose. Put bluntly, spending time with a horse puts a smile on a face. And happier people with a positive outlook on life, make for better life partners.

They are competitive (in a good way)
One for equestrian fans in general; the competitive edge of horse lovers brings a clearer mindset to a relationship; less irrational, more thorough and with strong will to succeed at things in life and love.

They have in-built resilience
Every relationship has its ups and down, yes, even the best ones. This mirrors a horse lover’s relationship with their horse which can be unexpectedly rocky at times in the paddock. When the going gets tough, the in-built resilience of a horse lover can calm stormy waters in the field, and in love.

They are great at communication
Ask any love guru and they will tell you the secret to a successful relationship is good, rational ‘communication.’ Horses demand clear, considered, and unequivocal signals from their riders, so horse lovers need to be natural born communicators with an organised mind.

Their nurturing side never stops ‘nurturing.’
Horse lovers know the best way to feel relaxed, and rewarded, in the saddle is to be fully at one with the horse. Their constant will to enrich their relationship with their four-legged companion shows a nurturing side like no other. And there’s no reason that desire should stop at the livery yard gates.

They are excellent at shouldering responsibility.
When the welfare and wellbeing of your horse is your focus, taking responsibility is a must. But that can extend from mucking out to other areas of a horse lovers’ life when it comes to making things work, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.