Displaying empathy is at heart of muddy dating

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

“I couldn’t have him put off by seeing pheasants hung by the door. It just wouldn’t have been fair on him to throw him into something so unfamiliar.”

Displaying empathy is even more important whilst country-life dating; from knowing never to ask a farmer for a break away during harvest or lambing season to appreciating that someone may not be adjusted to the trappings of the shooting season as they arrive for a first date,

The benefits of online dating are that you can spread your net further afield; giving more choice to pick from, but also bringing extra reason why empathy and open-mindedness is important.

A muddy boots lifestyle or background brings its own traditions, and way of life. The sights, sounds, even smells are the bread and butter of country life that rural people take for granted and accept as part of the nature of things.

They shape us, our mindset and how we view the world.

That’s why so many country singles are attracted to Muddy Matches; to connect with likeminded muddy people who just get ‘it’.

But of course, country living is something that inspires others. Over 35% of the people who sign up to country life date with us do so fueled by aspiration.  They are less than 50% muddy – and they won’t necessarily be so accustomed to the goings on in the nation’s cowsheds, livery yards, country pub and shooting grounds.

They are dealing in unknown territory here. This is when empathy kicks in.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another individual, and crucially be able to modify your behaviour whilst not losing what you are about.

It’s a skill, and in a world which is typically ‘me first’ – where our own happiness, thoughts, emotions and needs tend to take priority – empathy is often overlooked.

So, having taken feedback from those looking to build countryside connections with us. our advice when it comes to showing empathy whilst country-life dating is:

  • Accept life does not always have to be fully black-and-white – and differing opinions are not wrong. An open mind is a much valued personality trait.
  • Appreciate that the country lifestyle may not be to everyone’s liking, when confronted with the realities.
  • Understand that we do not have to like everyone who crosses our paths nor do we need to share their view, but we ought to be compassionate and conduct ourselves in a respectful way.
  • Be appreciative that the rural lifestyle brings different work schedules and life priorities which may not be immediately aligned to yours.
  • Always demonstrate kindness, treating others as you would expect to be treated.
  • Appreciate that singles may enter the online dating world at a different life stage to you.
  • Give each individual interaction the one-on-one time, care, and attention it warrants to bloom.
  • Give them a taste of what to expect, and give others time to take it all in; don’t just expect them to handle it straight from the off.

At Muddy Matches, we believe kindness goes a long way. We also value manners, common courtesy, decency, open-mindedness and respect.

These are all ingredients that build chemistry and set the right tone for a countryside connect to bloom… or not.