9 uplifting hints to make hearts swell on Blue Monday

Sunday, January 16th, 2022

Improve your mood and motivation on Blue Monday with these Muddy Matches online dating tips that we know will raise a smile.

Just when you thought life couldn’t be any more motivation sapping with the post-Christmas and New Year comedown in full swing, along comes Blue Monday.

January 17 2022 – the third Monday of January – is officially tagged the ‘most depressing day of the year’. After the many months of lockdown and tiered restrictions, that is some claim to make.

At Muddy Matches country life dating, we are acutely aware that Blue Monday can lead singletons down a spiralling path of doom and gloom; when 2022 New Year resolutions have proved a challenge, the forecast can look bleak as motivation dries up, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

That’s why we urge Muddy Matches singles to banish the Blue Monday blues and share a little love with fellow outdoor-loving singles.

Online dating with Muddy Matches can improve mental health, inspire sense of purpose, evoke empowerment and spark self worth.

So here are 9 ways we know country life dating can lighten the load on Blue Monday whilst also showing off your own true colours:

Be free with the feel good messaging
Use your daily messages to better effect and share some ‘happy thoughts’ that offer a touch of unexpected feel good to other singletons. Why stick with ‘hey’, when you could raise a smile with an altogether more caring, ‘happy’ message that focuses on ‘Just seeing how you are doing…just because!’ or ‘woke up and thought of you!’

Everyone gets a little buzz out of thinking they are front of mind and someone appreciates you for being you.

Get on the front foot on the road to Positive-ville
Take a positive outlook on life and actually connect! Don’t sit back and wait for a certain someone on your favourites list to reach out to you or respond reactively (or not) to those that view your profile or send you a wink. Instead, be the one who initiates the first contact and starts the conversation. It’s bold and shows real confidence.

Take the initiative and be on the front foot to make the first move. We know it’s brave and can be a little bit awkward but putting yourself out there has helped many a singleton get a real and genuine sense of empowerment and purpose.

Release the pressure valve a little
Chill out. Breathe a little. Online dating with Muddy Matches is designed to be fun but we know nurturing your connections can be stressful at times – and that’s before all of society’s ‘pressures’ in finding ‘the one’ online can bring. We say take a step back, assess what feels right and relax into it. Message without agenda, expectation or urgency. Get to know what makes your matches’ tick at a pace that suits them. In the days of a slower pace of dating, there really is no rush to take connections to the next level so enjoy the experience.

Your connections, and state of mind, will be all the better for it. You’ve got this.

Invite someone for a ‘blue’ virtual ‘360° countryside video adventure’ date
Swap the ‘blue’ of Monday for the soothing blue of water or the uplifting blue of sky and invite another muddy singleton to join you on a virtual 360* video hike, glider trip, canoe paddle date – from the comfort of your living room. We know the days of virtual days may be a bit old hat (so 2020-21!) but there’s no harm to bring the outdoors in and still get the joy.

We have lots of 360° VR experience dates to enjoy here

Find joy and contentment in shared interests
Nothing beats the blues more than a good chin wag over something you are really passionate about with someone who has that same level of appreciation. So run a few new searches, this time based upon interests and hobbies, and see who you unearth.

Then message with a conversation starter that encourages a reply. We also think the advanced keyword search with some of the more unique passions and interests can throw us some new opportunities.

A wink can work wonders
Choose Blue Monday to fire off 10 extra cheeky winks than you’d typically do on any other average day. Don’t underestimate the value of something as small as a free virtual wink in brightening someone’s mood and boosting their self esteem right at a time they may just need it.

Don’t fear the FOMO that doesn’t exist
Remember you are not missing out; the dating scene – for real – has changed and people are still a little reluctant to return to old dating ways right now. Extravagant dates have been replaced by adventure dates and dating from a distance is still a thing, not a fad. Now is the right time to make new connections, setting yourself up for the whatever the year ahead holds in store. Increasing your visibility really is good for the soul.

You can take comfort that you have done what you can to be front of queue, ready to embrace the new dating scene – that’s uplifting enough, and then renewed hope can kick in.

Reply to those members who you’ve put on hold
Manners cost nothing and, on Blue Monday, when everyone is feeling a little down in the dumps, just a polite reply to a old, forgotten about message that says ‘you know what, thanks for getting in touch’ can lift spirits through nothing more common courtesy and appreciation. Acknowledging the interest – even if it’s not really reciprocated – has real value too and can boost self esteem.

Give your favourites list a facelift
Logic says a change of scenery can change a mood and alter a mindset. The same applies to facelifting your favourites list; add 5-10 new people who catch your eye.

Adding someone to a list pings a notification and signifies more than a fleeting interest; something that will add to the self worth and offer reassurance of those on the receiving end when they check their inbox.

And what if all that fails to raise spirits? Then get those green fingers crossed for a change in the weather forecast.

After all, the brighter the weather, the brighter the mood and the sunnier the outlook. Right?