No more coffee! The rise of adventure dating

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

Build trust, show support, feel achievement and boost self-confidence – adventure dating is 2022’s hottest dating trend

More than a few eyebrows were raised when picnics in the park and countryside walks became the, enforced, date of choice during the various lockdowns, local restrictions, and firebreaks. Breaking the typical dating norms of meeting up for drinks, dinner or a casual coffee was something that felt unfamiliar.

More than a few also thought that when hospitality re-opened its doors that normal service would resume. For some, old habits die hard, but the dating scene has definitely changed, and it has held on to some of the ‘lockdown fads’ formed over the past 18 months.

The most notable shift has been towards Adventure dating; the biggest dating trend of 2022.

Adventure dating is exactly as it says on the tin; two singles deciding to meet up to throw themselves wholeheartedly into an activity that neither is familiar with, and crucially, not particularly skilled at.

Yes, singletons are sending a clear message with their desire for adventure dating; skip the old routine of drinks, dinner, and movie; they are tired of first date cliches.

Instead, you can increase your chances of landing a date with a muddy match by proposing something new and intriguing to have a go at. Singles with a thirst for adventure dating crave originality; date ideas that are thought through, reaction provoking and memorable. They also get the pulse racing, the apprehensive energy pumping, and the laughter flowing.

And, every indication suggests they are more likely to agree to a date if they see the adventure activity as a challenge or new experience to try out.

Activities in this sense are not your usual ten pin bowling or wine tasting events. No, adventure dating is about embracing your ‘let’s just do this’ side where you just commit to whatever’s in front of you without worry about how you look or what others think of you.

It’s about building trust, feeling empowered and showing a willingness to get stuck in.

For mud lovers, the choice really is endless; whilst the country pub may still hold particular pull, the added incentive of a pub quiz, karaoke, or open mic night where you get involved or stand up to be counted carries extra weight.

There are also loads of organised scavenger hunts that get you out and about roaming the countryside together, whilst the old favourite ‘geocaching’ often gets a mention.

But this is also where traditional countryside pursuits can play a part: a spot of falconry, quad biking days, clays shooting classes, foraging lessons even.

Horse hacking, when both are novice riders, is also a worthy first date proposal in the quest for activity dates with a difference.

It can even go as extreme as wild swimming (weirdly, going for a first date swim at your local pool seems remarkably popular at present). Wild swimming takes this to the next level, as does axe throwing, indoor climbing or archery, again something recommended by well-known women’s mags as dates of choice in 2022. Landscape painting of a gorgeous view and even live life drawing aren’t too far amiss as ideas.

We’ve even see the traditional art of blacksmithing, wood sculpting and sheepdog training been proposed as well received adventure date ideas thanks to their sense of joint achievement when finished.

It might not feel all that romantic or personal but we also hear that adventure dating can be just as rewarding when done in a group for tuition.

Why, you may well be asking? Surely a drink offers the chance to get to know someone and show off your cracking personality? Well truth is, daters are looking for genuineness and authenticity in character and they feel such values are best found when doing something so unfamiliar and out of the norm.

Putting someone in a situation that is not known to them or expecting them to perform reveals true colours and speaks volumes, whilst saying very little. It also gives an experience to bond over and chat about as a starter for ten.

Never underestimate the value of the shared experience.

So, adventure dating is something you should have in mind when readying yourself to invite someone for a date. After all, it’s character-building stuff