Why 2022 is set to be the year of rural slow-mance

Friday, January 07th, 2022

Singles advised to show more patience and understanding as a slower pace of dating is expected to be 2022’s biggest online dating trend.

In some quarters it’s known as hesi-dating. Others refer to the term slow-mance; Whatever you choose to call it, a slower pace of dating, more akin to traditional courtship, is expected to resurface as 2022’s biggest online dating trend.

And with it, singles are advised to show much more patience, tolerance and understanding in their pursuit for love.

Slowmancing is something that has emerged out of the various lockdowns, local restrictions and firebreaks; periods of reflection that have brought welcome breathing space to assess life, love and everything around it.

For many, a rediscovered appreciation of the enforced slower pace of life, has seen singles take their foot off the usual pedal and release the pressures they, and often society, place upon matters of the heart.

And it’s given ample reason to intentionally take things at a much slower pace, especially in the ‘getting to know you stages’ when it comes to building connections and chemistry that really matters.

No longer is a quick chat online of few words, the odd hint of suggestiveness and the offer to grab a coffee the standard way of doing things. Singles now want to feel their way into a real life meet, investing their time, attention, and energy in someone who they are confident shares the same outlook on life before agreeing to that coffee. Let alone anything more intimate.

Slow dating may mean less drinks and physical dates, more intense conversation, more casual walks in the park.

It’s about slowing it all down – to a period of little contact that lets a connection naturally bloom (rather than be forced) as much as it can, letting singles use their time constructively online to fully know what they are getting into, and how they feel.

Where spontaneity once ruled, emotional intelligence now wants a say.

With it comes longer message exchanges, often sharing life experiences, common ground, and the setting of groundwork for a future. It is anticipated the average time spent chatting online will go from days to weeks before the discussion of a IRL catch up is raised.

It comes too with a host of benefits, all good for dating welfare, confidence, and comfort:

1. Good, old-fashioned values such as honesty, openness, respect, and patience come to the fore.

2. More considered dating increases the chances of a meaningful connection with legs.

3. Increased empowerment to date at your own pace with your prospective partner understanding it’s ‘not just you’ that does it.

4. A deeper, targeted search based upon key criteria you set, encourages less frivolous browsing

5. It removes the awkwardness of someone trying to force the exchange of numbers or a meet up.

6. It will eek out the motivations of others and how they dovetail with yours.

7. It brings a more relaxed mindset into online dating which will bring renewed purpose and positivity.

At Muddy Matches, we have long been advocates of a slower pace of dating. For many of our mud lovers, their work schedules, lifestyle commitments and sheer remoteness means their building of connections can take a little longer than your standard 9-5 relationship.

Messages exchanged tend to be thorough and detailed (our singles love telling their life stories) and given some of the distances and commitments involved any real life meets take time in the planning.

We also know our members spread the net wider already. The search radar of well-known apps may be 20 miles but for muddy singletons, they are looking for love way beyond that.

So, we say, bring on a slower pace of dating. It’s what country life dating was designed for.

For over 15 years, Muddy Matches has been the UK’s original home of farmer dating, and is now the nation’s first choice website on which to unearth love in the countryside.

Award winning, and trusted, it has attracted over 3/4 million mud loving singles from all walks of country life who share a passion for fresh air, green space and rural living. Who will you unearth?