7 dating app habits that don’t cut the corn with mud lovers

Monday, January 03rd, 2022

New Year, new opportunities; avoid these dating habits, from other dating apps, that we know don’t float the boat of the mud loving singletons.

Country life dating at Muddy Matches has bloomed over the last 22 months as the public rediscovered an appreciation of fresh air and life outdoors during the slower pace of life of lockdown, fire breaks and local restrictions.

New faces have flocked to join us, looking for a different online dating experience that could widen their social horizons, champion their interests, spark comfort in common ground and put them on a different, more honest, old fashioned path to finding love.

The pandemic has definitely increased the appeal of Muddy Matches, attracting new types of online dater, each bringing something from their different experiences on other dating apps.

However, with this, a few new habits has emerged that just don’t cut the mustard with the mud lovers who are the bread and butter of the Muddy Matches singles community.

So, in the spirit of keeping the muddy experience one that singletons can put their trust and confidence in, we are keen to nip some of them in the bud. Here goes.

Mutual Connections
Muddy Matches is all about sparking mutual connections, based upon shared motivations, that can lead to meaningful matches; proper relationships with genuine legs. The emphasis is on ‘mutual’. But we have started to see a somewhat lazy, one-sided approach to connecting where there is little proactivity.

Don’t just respond to those people who favourite you or visit your profile; reciprocate; run your own searches, favourite more people, dish out a few cheeky winks of your own. Be the one that makes the first move; what have you got to lose?

Show some common courtesy
‘Respect on dating apps doesn’t really exist’ says one mud lover. Good manners and common courtesy, especially respect and politeness, really matter at Muddy Matches; and it’s something we know our members put great value on. So, we’d encourage all singletons to show respect to those singletons who reach out and put themselves out there by acknowledging their message with a reply. Yes, even if its not something you want to pursue.

It takes very little time to appreciate the effort, and courage, someone has taken to get in touch.

‘You Ok?’ Messages
Did you know the average message length on some big-name dating apps is just 9 characters… not words! 9 letters. That won’t cut the corn here at Muddy Matches.

Our mud lovers tell us they take time and a great deal of consideration in constructing messages that are well phrased and respond directly to content read in the profiles they are drawn to.  Message exchanges are typically longer as a result as singletons use the opportunity to get to know each other properly. Lengthy messages are not uncommon from out the outset of a fledging relationship.

Have a little patience
There’s proactivity and then there’s ‘badgering’.
We have seen a rise in people who are chasing a reply to messages they send within much shorter times than you’d naturally expect to be reasonable. Whilst on a mainstream app, people may well be waiting for the ping of a notification, muddy singletons tend to work busy lives, out in the elements, often long into the night so please show some patience.

Respect that sometimes rural life just takes over. Just because they have read, doesn’t mean they are automatically in a suitable position to reply straight away. They may well be knee deep in a lambing shed with their hands full.

Head first.
Yes, we know it’s ‘a thing’ on other dating apps, but group shots and heavily filtered, profile photos really aren’t appreciated by our mud-loving singles. We are seeing an increasing number of photos that just don’t tick our photo standards, for a whole rack of reasons, and we do manually review everything before it goes live. 

So, our advice is go simple; pick a nice, clear head and shoulders shot that doesn’t create any ambiguity. Our members put more onus on bio copy and interests anyway.  Ambiguous photos just get declined by our vetting process so delay you getting stuck in.

Let’s get social.
Call us old fashioned but asking for someone’s number often comes after a period of ‘getting to know’ each other. The requests to ‘follow me on Insta’ or ‘What’s your snap’ is starting to creep into messaging exchanges and often so early on in the conversation that it’s often an ice breaker.

Our advice; happily swap details when both are happy to but it shouldn’t even be ventured into until you are 100% confident you are prepared to go to unmoderated means. Being too eager to go social really does put our members off.

Cut out the copy and paste
It’s hard to see the value of copy and pasting apart from to play the numbers game and even more so when the content is so clearly copy and pasted from another dating site. It’s easy to spot as the muddy format doesn’t support a number of features others do. Our advice; go personal, make it unique….

Be the unicorn in a field of cows. What works on Tinder or Bumble is likely to come a cropper on Muddy Matches.