Saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’ can leave a lasting impression

Monday, December 06th, 2021

Sending rejection replies to singles you just don’t feel a connection with whilst country-life dating can we worth their weight in gold.

At Muddy Matches country-life dating, we know our mud loving singles community thrive on good manners and mutual respect.

Whatever the motivation for choosing to online date, or the walk of country life singles come from, common courtesy is one of the values held closest to hearts.

However, one grey area still remains when it comes to the sending of ‘thanks, but no thanks’ rejection replies to those members brave enough to reach out, but with whom you just can’t see a connection.

Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule that means you must reply when you’re just not feeling it. However, we think a quick acknowledgement, especially when someone has taken the time to construct a thoughtful message, is simply a polite, and downright decent, thing to do in the spirit of online dating.

What the last 18 months or so has told us is that kindness brings out the best in people.

And it shouldn’t take up a lot of your time either. A quick one liner by way of courtesy can do a whole world of good.

“Hey, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, I’m not interested. Good luck out there though.

“So kind of you to take the time to message. Having checked out your profile I’m not sure we’re quite right for each other. Best of luck with your search.”

We know rejection notes are never easy to read, write or send but they are worth their weight in gold to the recipient, as strange as that may sound.

  1. They let people know exactly where they stand, and lets them move on to pastures new. Two minutes of you politely closing one door means they can freely open others, without wondering ‘what if’.

  2. They avoid the uncomfortable embarrassment, on both sides, of being chased for a reply. Remember Muddy Matches members can see who read their messages, and many do send follow ups.

  3. It acknowledges their appreciation of your profile. A polite response to say ‘thank you’ can leave things on good terms. After all, and especially true in rural and remote communities, you never know if your paths will cross again.
  4. They demonstrate a willingness to be treated the way you would want to be treated.; Just being plainly ignored or being considered of such little attention can be as belittling as a ‘not for me’ style reply.

As for those obvious copy and paste first messages with little emotion behind them, then the choice as to what to do next is entirely yours.

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