Do sparks fly on a Bonfire Night date?

Friday, November 05th, 2021

Sparks may fly, and chemistry can sizzle… but is fireworks night a boom or bust date idea for muddy matchers with one eye on animal welfare?

Dating logic has it that bonfire night, and the chance to oooo and ahhhh at a local fireworks display, represents a perfect romantic opportunity to cosy up for a date with your muddy match, and even make it a first date favourite.

The idea of sharing sticky cinder toffee, hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows whilst wrapped up warm under a dark sky, holding hands or cuddling under a blanket, sounds ever so idyllic.

It’s a shared experience too – something to talk about and enjoy messaging to arrange, all within the safety of a busy public display, which also gives extra reassurance of not being stranded alone in the dark if your date, for whatever reason, doesn’t quite make it.

Big crowds bring people closer by force of habit. You may not have much choice to get a little bit closer to your date but it will give a chance to see if that ‘physical’ spark is there, through masses of warm and comfy clothes, obviously.

You’re looking cute too, in colour coordinated woolly accessories, picked out particularly to impress. The glow in the fire doing wonders for your mood and mindset; it’s like the future of your love life is written in the stars.

Throw in some nostalgic fairground stalls, candy floss, hot jacket potatoes and a sparkler, to write names into the lingering smokey air, and it’s all very, dare we say, ‘rom com’.

Truth is, bonfire night is set up for cosy companionship, but rarely is it a natural environment in which to be in. Nor is it conducive to a good ‘getting to know you’ session between the booms and bangs.

And that’s before you consider that a muddy match from agricultural background or rural stock, will have more than one eye on the wellbeing of their animals at this time of year.

In fact when it comes to animal loving muddy matchers, ensure you take into account that their mind may be elsewhere, on the welfare of their animals. Be they companion animals, livestock, horses, or wildlife, Bonfire night and fireworks, with their high pitch shrills, are a notoriously tough night of the year for furry ears and eyes as stress levels, and fear soar.

So be mindful, and considerate; even persuading an animal lover to leave their four-legged treasures so to enjoy the fireworks, for all their cosy comforts, may be a stretch too far.

And if you do inspire them out of the door, be patient and open minded that they may be more distracted than usually expected. Trust us, it really isn’t you, nor your small talk.

Interestingly, science also says fireworks offer a chance to read human behaviour, persona, and character too; they way they react to sudden noises and bright lights can be telling of their demeanour. Jumpy and on edge or laid back and level-headed? It sounds like an over-generalization but watching them watching the night sky could give you some pointers; not least when to hold their hand or engage them in conversation.

Fireworks, for all their beauty, are a love them or hate them type of thing.

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