‘Fancy getting scared out of your skin with me?’

Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

7 reasons why inviting your match to watch a horror movie isn’t as scary an idea for a first date as it may seem.

1 in 3 Brits aged 18+ say they will cosy up with their ‘boo’ and watch a horror film, settle in for a scary movie marathon or box binge old thrillers, this Halloween.

The nation’s appetite for a fright appears to be as vivacious as ever.

Which got us thinking, how many of our mud loving singletons aren’t afraid of a bit of shock, even if they choose to cower behind a cushion when the music changes beat?

The answer: a fair proportion to be honest. We identified over 12,000 online dating profiles at Muddy Matches who quote a passion for horror films in their dating bios, with some even suggesting it as their perfect date with a new match.

It’s certainly not for the faint hearted but heading out to catch a scary film with someone you have connected with whilst country life dating is a spooktacular shout as a date idea.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s an immediate insight into someone’s character and personality – as they watch the plot unfold in front of them, uncontrolled, unmasked emotion takes over. There really is no place to hide as the body gives off its own signals to what the eyes see.
  2. Natural instinct is for reassurance in times of stress, panic, and uncertainty; and that encourages some degree of intimacy. Science also says touch is comforting. A hand on the arm as the shadows move or a deliberate snuggle onto the shoulder whilst watching through fingers will give ample excuse for a little fizz of physical contact on which to gauge if there’s any chemistry there.
  3. You won’t forget the date in a while. Dog walks, grabbing a coffee or meeting for a drink are two-a-penny dates which come and go. Who forgets watching a horror film together? It’s a date that will stick in the memory, for sure.
  4. ‘Fancy being scared out of your skin?’ It’s an intriguing invite, and one that’s likely to keep your date on their toes, wanting to know more. It’s definitely setting the tone for future fun dates too. We know the singles who date with us respond well to unconventional ideas or suggestions.
  5. The power of the shared experience is alluring. The prospect of some bone chilling horror is a genre that can has the potential to connect over a joint appreciation of the unexpected. It’s a better all-round option than action movies or rom coms which often already have a stigma attached.
  6. Use the plot’s most mind-swirling moments for good discussion and common ground to bond over. It may be gruesome, but it gets you talking – and we know talking is massive on a first date.
  7. You won’t want to go home alone after watching a scary film. This in itself gives opportunity and reasonable excuse for extending the date by heading out for drinks or a bite to eat. More quality time together, in more typical surroundings.

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