Vineyard volunteering offers a vintage date idea.

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Vineyard Volunteering provides an outdoorsy Autumn date idea that is both different, but also a bit of time-honoured tradition.

Many of the UK’s 770+ vineyards are, once again, looking for seasonal help to hand harvest their grapes, and from the larger producer to the 1-acre family run artisan sites, they welcome volunteers onto the 3,500 hectares of vines.

Grape picking is a rewarding way to spend a day. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not easy work, and requires a fair amount of effort, but it’s a slightly off the wall way to really enjoy some quality time with a date in the fresh air, doing something which we are sure will be unfamiliar territory to the both of you.

It’s an all-round decent ‘get to know you’ opportunity to, offering a fair chance to check out someone’s genuine country life credentials and rural aspirations when it comes to their commitment to it as a date idea.

Of course, there will be plenty of people who would simply prefer to relax in a pub somewhere with a glass in hand without all the effort, and that’s where a willingness to embrace their rural roots, and get stuck in, kicks in. After all, how many of the singles say they are ‘happy to get their hands dirty’ in their online dating profile with us?

Their eagerness to try something a little away from the norm can be a good starting point to build any connection on.

Here in the Muddy Matches team, we also think there’s something classically romantic about spending some quality time in a vineyard (maybe that’s what the popping of corks has taught us). So as a date idea we think it’s definitely one to consider, more so than the ‘pumpkin spiced’ Autumnal ideas presented by other dating sites.

So, look out for picking experiences or local shout outs for help. The growing season has been particularly fruitful this year, and with a shortage of seasonal hands due to COVID, help is very much needed.

And the best bit? As most vineyards don’t offer financial reward, the offer of a glass or two of their finest, as a thanks, and lunch in a countryside setting is often on the cards.


Check out WineGB Guide for a list of local vineyards, or search online for vineyard volunteering. Giving it a go on a date? Let us know how you got on by emailing

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