Locked down puppy love can bring more muddy matches

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

With dog ownership going through the roof during the various stages of lockdown, it is no real surprise that doggy selfies are on the up when it comes to being uploaded to online dating profiles too.

It’s a trend we’ve definitely seen at Muddy Matches, and rather than be an er, bone of contention, it is one we celebrate and champion. After all a loving, loyal dog is part and parcel of country life, right?

Now, it appears those singletons showing off their puppy love through their dating profile are not barking up the wrong tree either. No, quite the opposite. In fact, actual science and surveys suggest those doggy selfies can boosts chances of securing a date online.

Yes, for all their social, physical, and psychological welfare benefits, dogs may also hold the key to unlocking romantic success online, a new survey shows.

A report for pup loving Honest Paws says that a declaration of dog ownership can significantly increase a singletons chances of finding a perfect match. Apparently, it ‘can reassure’ potential partners that you are perfectly capable of taking care of another creature whilst enhancing the coveted characteristics of kindness, commitment, compassion, empathy, and trustworthiness.

Some 70% of respondents to their survey say that having a dog in their set of profile photos helps them get more matches.

60% said they would be more ‘tempted’ to connect with someone who has a dog in their profile photos with women finding men more charming and attractive if man’s best friend put in an appearance on the profile.

So, why? Here’s what we think:

Dogs are natural conversation starters and talking points on which to take away the awkwardness of that first approach, message, or contact.

‘Oh goodness, how cute is your dog!’ You can compliment a dog without any uneasy association and then branch out from there by lavishing praise onto its owner. It opens doors.

The social nature of a shared love of dogs opens up a world of possibility when it comes to relaxed, outdoor ‘first meets’ that give a sense of comfort with an easy get out if need be.

Dog owners know ‘the meaning’ of love and what it feels like and that they can take that know how into human relationships too.

Beware though; even dogs can be catfish! The survey also suggested that 24% of men surveyed would be ‘game’ to using someone else’s dog in their profile to attract interest.