Brits say animal lovers make the ‘paw’fect match when online dating

Monday, June 21st, 2021

‘I love anything on four legs… but now I’m looking for someone on two to love just as much.’

It’s a common, dare we say overused (?), profile line at Muddy Matches country life dating but you know what, animal love holds such-minded singles in good stead when it comes to finding love.

Statistics say so.

This week, a new report suggested that 46% of Brits think loving animals, and caring for a pet, makes a person more desirable – with women 10% more likely to be attracted to animal lovers, than men.

That’s the latest from a UK survey of 2,000 adults who believe pet owners to be the ‘paw-fect’ (see what we did there?) catch when online dating.

It all bodes well then for unearthing meaningful connections on Muddy Matches then, where over 66% of the outdoor loving singles choosing to date with us have registered a more than active interest in animals.

At Muddy Matches, the passion extends beyond the pull of domestic pets, to all creatures great and small; with cows, sheep, goats, and chickens all high up the er, pecking order in holding one’s affection.

Country loving singletons living country lives find their happy place amongst all breeds.

And it seems that the lure of farmyard animals, and something a little less house trained, makes for extra engagement on your dating profile; for whilst a cat selfie in your pics can improve inbound messages by around 240%, having a horse selfie can up the ante by 282%.

Even better, that of sheep can increase your chances by 328% – just beaten to the top spot by that of a hamster.

Falconry is a countryside pursuit enjoyed by a good, fair number of our mud loving online daters – and they will be delighted that a bird selfie can encourage a 232% rise in profile engagement – similar to that of a cat in fact.

So, dig out those farmyard photos and bolster your online profile or take a few new snaps in the cowshed or livery yard to increase your chances of landing a date.

You should, of course, expect nothing less from those choosing to date online at the UK’s original home of farmer dating, and now the nation’s go to choice for love in the countryside.

We have been helping find needles in haystacks when it comes to matters of the heart for over a decade now, based upon shared love of nature, green space, and rural life.