‘Herd mentality’ of group photos wears thin whilst country life dating

Friday, June 11th, 2021

We explore why adding a group photo to your online dating profile can pose more questions than ‘safety in numbers’ can ever answer.

The volume of dating profile photos to be vetted has gone through the cowshed roof in recent months at Muddy Matches, as people breathe new life into their post-lockdown dating personas.

Actual science tells us that the average singleton on dating apps and websites spends 1/8 of a second in deciding to pursue a potential match, based on profile photos.

That’s why at Muddy Matches we insist on a clear head and shoulders main photo that creates no ambiguity and leaves nothing to the imagination as to the identify of whom you could connect with.

But during past 12 months, we have seen a hike in the number of singles attempting to upload group photos to their profile. You’d have thought that there had been enough talk of the perils of ‘herd mentality’ to last a lifetime, right? Alas, no.  

Look, we get it; general wisdom says group photos give off a sense of sociability, approachability, and likeability; all positive characteristics people look for. A ‘friends’ group shot is your happy place with those who bring out the best of you. You, living your best life…so why wouldn’t you add it?

Well, there are plenty of reasons.

Problem is group photos almost always create confusion and take effort to decipher; and when it comes to that ‘less than a second’ it takes to form an impression, confusion can only lead to a negative response. Or worse; that uninspired ‘meh’. It’s hard to come back from a meh.

‘Who am I matching?… Is that him? Why is she at the back?’

Intrigue can be a motivator to click and find out more but our mud loving singles tell us group photos pose more questions than they will ever answer on a dating profile.

They can leave suitors wondering why their potential match wants to hide amongst a crowd or bury their personality deep in the safety of numbers. Worse still; Is it a deliberate effort to mislead or obscure who they really are?

And, quite frankly, trying to work out the who and what, flicking back forth between profile photos to sort through and face match, is a massive hassle, however attractive they are.

Then there’s the risk of running the gauntlet of your friends being a better catch in the eyes of the beholder or, heaven forbid, putting question marks over your single status. A group photos including members of the opposite sex draped in all directions can lead to some awkward assumptions.

At Muddy Matches we always encourage our singles to put themselves out there, front and centre; by uploading photos in which they are undoubtedly centre of attention, with their country credentials clearly on show, loud and proud. 

We know it’s a bold and brave step to front up, but it is a sure-fire way to show yourself off in the best possible light, not overshadowed by the unintended distraction of someone you hold dear to your heart.

Our advice; leave group shots well alone and leave the safety of ‘herd mentality’ to the cows.