Boost your dating credibility with a ‘well seasoned’ profile

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Why giving your online dating profile a seasonal shake up ‘live from the lambing shed’ would be well timed

‘How’s lambing been going, so far?’

Mud-loving singletons looking to unearth love with Muddy Matches are, more likely than most, to appreciate the importance of nature’s seasons and embrace what those seasons bring.

The coming of Spring offers renewed hope, and re-invigorated purpose in many walks of country life, whilst presenting new opportunities, as well a busy time for those knee deep in agriculture.

So, we are particularly delighted to see so many of our singletons taking on board our dating advice about keeping their online dating profile fresh and relevant by updating it with seasonal references to what they are up to in the lambing sheds and fields across the nation.

Dating bio references to lambing and calving have become a pretty regular feature in the past month with lambing season bringing plenty of new additional photos that pile on the feel good.

A singleton recently told us that ‘there’s nothing quite like the magic of lambing to get people talking’ – and he wasn’t wrong.

The number of message exchanges between our members namedropping ‘busy lambing’ has hiked up by more than 40% of late; and, at this time of year, its so often a common ice breaker between mutually matches singletons that inspires a suitable muddy response.

The bonding over such an intense time with pressures day and night should never be underestimated; nor so the opportunity to talk shared experiences or even to take heart that someone else knows what you are going through.

The emotional connection and emotional awareness can be a welcome thing; and not just between those deep rooted in caring for the 15 million+ ewes in the midst of giving birth.

Just last week we read that #Lambing2021 as a social media hashtag has found a home on over 2.1 million timelines during April alone, such has been the nation’s growing appreciation, and interest, for the key moment in the farming calendar.  Live from the lambing shed really has the appeal, power, and potential to draw attention and capture hearts.

It’s been mostly upbeat stuff, mind you. The sight of lambs scattering the fields is a well-known as a welcome sight. But interest is growing in the technical, less chocolate-box side of things.

It may sound somewhat daft given it is bread and butterof rural life, but seasonal updates add to the country credentials of those singletons using them to best effect on their profile.

We know it’s not always practical, but we believe country-loving singles should endeavour to revamp their profile every 4-6 weeks to give as strong a stretch of country life as possible – keeping it in season, and topical.

For fair good reason too; our singles know the importance of being 100% authentic and know those seeking someone with an agricultural background will relate to such changes in tone. They will understand the nuances that come with each season.

It’s also worth noting that those dating with us tell us that a regular refresh – a simple spring clean of sorts – especially of the so often undervalued bio copy can change perception, challenge first impressions and sway someone’s opinion.

A refresh can revolutionise your profile from one left on the search listings to finding it’s way onto the favourites list.

And failing that, who doesn’t see comfort, warmth and feel good in a well taken selfie with a baby lamb!