Vaccination status: the dating profile do’s and dont’s

Saturday, March 27th, 2021

How sharing your vaccination status on your dating profile could be a timely tonic or a dealbreaker on the roadmap to a life less locked down


The mere mention of vaccination passports splits public opinion; but it appears, for an ever-growing volume of online daters, the vaccination status of those they match with could be a ‘dating dealbreaker’.

New reports into ‘vacci-dating’, commissioned independently of Muddy Matches, reveal that over 40% of online daters globally won’t hesitate to enquire as to the vaccination status of those who catch their eye – now, and in the future.

The response would determine if, how and when they were willing to pursue things online, let alone entertain the idea of a real-life meet.

A similar statistic say they would most likely cancel a date with someone who’d ‘chosen’ not to take the vaccine if offered to them.

And the trend is 18% higher in women than men; with the female of the species even willing to put messaging exchanges with those not yet ‘jabbed’ on the back burner, in favour of connecting with someone who is.

Such stats have inspired some apps and dating sites to take steps and add ‘vaccination status, into their registration process and algorithms. They are reporting that profiles of singles who publicly confirm they’ve received the vaccine attract 20% more engagement and 12% more connections than those that, for whatever reason, haven’t.

At Muddy Matches, we think to encourage health-oriented disclosure, at this stage of the vaccine roll out, would be unfair to those daters in age groups where the vaccine has not even been offered. There are also privacy risks around what you could share.

So, for the time being, we are steering well clear of the bandwagon, and have no intention to include vaccine disclosure within our sign-up process nor champion it’s inclusion as a search option.

However, in line with our values of honesty, courtesy and respect and taking on board the wishes of some daters who have been fortunate enough to be in the priority groups, here’s what you could do, if so inclined:


1️⃣ Disclose your vaccination status at the end of your bio, including the month, the jab took place – but steer clear of using location or any of the batch information off the card. Example: Good News! I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination in March 2021. I’m dosed up and ready to date.

However you choose to dress it up – with humour, celebration, or out-and-out fact, offer just enough to reassure anyone for whom such information is important to their dating decision making process.




2️⃣ Update your bio to include what you’d expect of any match, when it comes to their vaccination status. This should be done with a degree of subtlety; in the same way you’d mention the physical and personality characteristics you look for in an ideal partner. Example: I’m keen to meet someone tall, dark and muddy, who loves animals and has their first jab.If you are active, vaccinated and looking for a fun date, get in touch.

Please remember though, it’s at the discretion of your match whether they tell you or not.



?You Should Not: ?
Upload your vaccination card as an additional photo to your Muddy Matches profile.
Any efforts to do this will be automatically rejected by our lovely customer care girls.

We are aware this is a fast-growing trend on other dating websites and apps, but it is not something we will support. The card includes personal data and logistics information (batch, location), which could be exploited or compromised. The sharing of it brings plenty of privacy risk.