A muddy ‘road map’ to dating your way out of lockdown

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Boris says we can meet for a drink or two in April (and I don’t even have to fork out for a romantic meal)… How about it?.

So the nation now knows the ‘road map’ for when life – and the singles scene – can return to something even remotely resembling normality (can we call it the new ‘old’ normal, please?).

With all fingers and paws crossed that Boris’ 4 ‘conditions’ are met as expected, and the vaccine continues to roll out at world-leading pace, 21 June 2021 – summer solstice – could be the happiest of happy Mondays.

And the good news for singletons is some of the usual ‘go to’ getting to know you opportunities and old first date haunts will start to open up some time before that – starting from 8 March.

A summer of love, and reconnecting with those your heart desires, awaits. Here’s a quickfire guide – a muddy roadmap of sorts – to online dating yourself out of a lockdown and how to prepare yourself to be front of queue when it comes to that first RLM (real life meet) with many of your online dating connections on Muddy Matches.

Approach real life dating in the #newoldnormal with a positive outlook on life when it comes to online dating and renewed sense of new possibility, excitement and intrigue looking for love online brings. Things are sure to be different for a while wherever you choose to meet up but, over the past year, we have all learnt life’s worth taking chances and exploring right?

Give your favourites list a well deserved fine tune and use Boris’ ‘road map’ as an excuse to up your engagement and ‘check in’ with connections; revisit old favourites, reignite some of the old flames who first caught your eye who were on the back burner. New possibilities to ‘actually’ meet – rather than date from a distance or video call – may open up doors that were left ajar previously.

Run new searches, spreading the net a little wider; new faces from all walks of country life have flocked to us in their droves ever since lockdown 1 and Muddy Matches is awash with new possibility and potential. Messaging exchanges are higher than ever before and bonds are being formed. Who did you miss in your search results?

Be bold to reach out again. Whilst we don’t encourage ‘chaser’ messages under usual circumstance, now would be a more than acceptable reason to follow up on old messages and conversations. Singletons will, like you, will be dusting off their social calendars and preparing to get back out there so give your ‘It’s Mutual’ list a new look. its worth another reminder that there’s already a joint fondness there that’s yet to be explored. It’s time to see if those ‘maybes’ and ‘if things were different’ can actually materialise.

Accept virtual dates, dating from a distance and video calls are a fact of life now. The likes of Zoom, Teams, Facetime and even AnimalCrossing are here to stay. So set a few up, use them to get that first nervous ‘hi’ introduction out of the way and see if there’s even a flicker of chemistry before jumping feet first into dating in person. It will make the first real life meet a more comfortable experience in likely unfamiliar environment.

With country pursuits and outdoor sports returning from 29 March, use the interests and hobbies option in the Muddy Matches advanced search to shortlist new faces for a newly possible, potential date that is likely to appeal to them and matches with date ideas that fit the ‘road map’. A first date at a clays shooting ground, bonding over choice of barrels, sounds ideal to us. And for the sporty amongst you… anyone for tennis? A tuition date is also a good hands-on way to introduce someone to your favourite hobby one-on-one.

Appreciate caution on the part of other singles and have a little patience. Whilst you simply can’t wait for a pint outside from a country pub on 12 April, it’s worth considering that some of your fellow singletons may not share that excitement that pubs are reopening – or even want to consider putting themselves in such a scenario just yet. So calm the urgency and build up the bond online through messaging until both of you are ready to brave the new ‘old’ world. What’s the rush?

Embrace your inner high brow. With museums, country houses, arts performances and theatres opening their doors with limited capacities from 17 May, there’s a chance to indulge in a spot of culture and history that could put your profile in front of a whole new set of connections with different interests. A well read, rounded individual is an attractive trait and finding common ground over new interests is good for mental wellbeing. But remember, demand will be high, so book early.

Picnics in the park and catching up over a coffee sat on a walkers bench after a brisk countryside walk became the ‘go to’ date of choice in the summer in singletons of all degree of muddiness. Now they can return to social schedules again from 8 March. They might not be everyone’s ‘picnic’ as far as romantic date go but they are not a damp squib of an idea; they are excellent at selling your countryside credentials and rural roots, especially if your champion artisan produce that’s a little different to the taste buds. We know from research, singletons are craving easy, casual outdoor first meets without huge effort or expense. Takeaway coffee and a chat and pitched-up picnics are a perfect fit in the slower form of dating.

Can I interest you in a burnt sausage? Socially distanced barbecues became a ‘thing’ for daters in the dizzy heights of last summer and as private garden meet ups are allowed from 29 March, the embers could well smoulder again as early as Spring. As the green fingered amongst you, don’t underestimate the tempting nature of gardening as a date. Over 13% of our members have an interest in all things horticultural so, as far fetched as a ‘date’ it may sound, getting muddy in your back yard might be an option for some. And if you’re still not sure; Pimms on the lawn?

Reference the ‘road map’ in your message exchanges or profile makes your motivation and intention to date clear in a way that is both timely and relevant. We’ve already seen a message ice breaker that says ‘Boris says we can meet for a drink or two in April… and I don’t even have to buy you a meal!’. It’s bold and cheeky but its does encourage a discussion about a date further down the line.

As the r-rate drops, let the r’omance rate gather pace.
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