9 lesser spotted messenger types who may land in your inbox

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

9 lesser spotted, well intentioned messaging types who may land in your Muddy Matches inbox – and how to spot them whilst online dating!

At Muddy Matches country life dating, we have seen a huge surge in messaging exchanges during the last 12 months as active singletons seek out those with shared interests to connect with during these uncertain times of lockdown.

But what type of messenger are you when it comes to kickstarting the conversation with someone whilst online dating? Here we look at 9 of the more intriguing, lesser spotted messaging personas looking to stand out in crowded inboxes that we have caught sight of.

Do you relate to any of them?

The Star Seeker
“My fire sign Aries is a great match with your Sagittarius traits, don’t you think?” The Star Seeker puts trust in the science behind love and lets astrological wisdom around compatibility guide their love life. They pay close attention to the star sign of those they message and will pose questions based upon the likely personality characteristics they expect of the zodiac.

Sometimes misreading their audience, their messages may be hard going for some, but they will always be sent with genuine intent.

The Friendly Conversationalist
“Well, well, well… fancy finding you here!” The Conversationalist thrives on informality, creating a sense of ‘We already know each other’ familiarity to drive intrigue from the off.

They can cover a good range of subjects with relatively educated depth and will have a strength of personality to keep up the light-heartedness of conversation with subtle drops of humour, sentimentality and social references. But they are unlikely to go ‘too deep’ too quickly.

The Common Grounder
“So, where’s your favourite shooting ground?” The common grounder knows the value of bonding over shared interests, and knows to re-enforce they would be an excellent match for all the right reasons by keeping the chat ‘on topic’ whenever it deviates away.

They will talk with passion, even when they have only a fleeting interest in the hobbies. Confidence boosters will come by way of asking for ‘expert’ advice or recommendations that could lend themselves to the suggestion of a date.

The Catchphraser
‘How you doin?’ Did you know that the universally known catchphrase of Joey from Friends is the #1 social reference used as an icebreaker in online dating messages – but what works on Tinder, POF and even Bumble is likely lost on the mud-lovers Muddy Matches plays host to.

The Catchphraser will rely on social references from popular culture – often humorous or topical – and it tends to lead to a fun, friendly and relatable first message that is intended to raise a smile. You can also read into a Catchphraser’s sphere of influence, well roundedness and other interests from the obscure gems they drop in.

The Optimistic Chancer
Hey it’s worth a shot, right?… Can’t blame a guy for trying?’ Typically male, The Optimistic Chancer will lay suggestion they are punching above their weight, hoping their brave, open, ‘self aware’ approach will endear them to those on the receiving end who may warm to such honesty.

Cautiously confident, the message is likely laden with a self-deprecating tone to build up comfort but it gives scope to go overboard on shared interests when the opportunity arises.

The ‘This is Me’ Leader
“Let me tell you about myself; warts and all” The ‘This is Me’ leader ignores advice to keep the first message lighthearted, instead choosing to wade in with their life story. Accepting it’s a marmite approach to messaging, they won’t be backwards in coming forwards in saying what they are looking for, and what their wish list in a potential partner looks like.

This is heart on the sleeve stuff that encourages quick opinions to be formed and decisions to be made on next step.

The Charmer
“My goodness, that’s some profile you have there!” The charmer will celebrate everything that is good and grand about the profile of whom they are messaging. From appearance in photos, to choice of interests, nothing escapes the clutches of the Charmer’s charm offensive.

Big on boosting self esteem, they will shower with compliments and draw you into discussion on your best bits. Some may find the approach uncomfortable but the charmer wants to be liked themselves.

The Interrogator
“What are your intentions here?” The Interrogator relies upon a heavy burst of scripted questions on which to base their messaging exchange. What, why, where, when and how will be the basis of their correspondence as they look to get under the skin of those they are messaging, without giving too much away themselves.

This is about centring all attention on those on the receiving end whilst forming an opinion and image in minds eye as the responses come in. The Interrogator is not one to play games either; this won’t be a fun, quickfire Q&A with mutual laughter. It’s maximum info gained over the shortest amount of time.

The Scripted seducer
“Do you work with cows because I think you’ve got some mooooves going on” The Scripted Seducer is a creature of repertoire and routine, with their carefully crafted patter and fine tuned banter set off to a tee – because they know it works. Optimally designed to stand out and demand a reply, the messaging exchanged will follow a well disguised variation of a well used script that is most likely maintained until a desired outcome is achieved.

Big on light relief, you will almost feel the cheekiness. It’s crafty but shows confidence.

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