Why profile vetting goes way deeper at Muddy Matches country life dating

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

How a carefully crafted human approach to customer care sorts the wheat from the chaff when it comes to farmer love and countryside dating

‘Why does it take so long for my profile to be approved?’

It is one of the most frequently asked questions of the lovely Muddy Matches customer service team. The honest answer is we aim to review new profiles quickly – typically within an hour or two of joining – but it can take up to 72 working hours, especially at weekends.


Well, our award-winning vetting of profiles is done properly and we treat all mud lovers like individuals who deserve the best endeavours we can make to give them a sense od comfort and confidence when it comes to the connections they make with us.Each new, or modified, profile is individually reviewed manually by human eyes (a rare thing these days) and against a set of carefully crafted countryside values – all set on ensuring the best interests of member wellbeing and safety.

We also run all profiles and photos, new and updates, through independent software as another level of check and challenge.

Our vetting process is more than skin deep.

In a world of online dating apps where you can be actively swiping with ‘goodness knows who’ within literally seconds of signing up, Muddy Matches’ traditional values and processes may feel a little old fashioned and awfully laboured to some.

However, Muddy Matches is not a cattle market; we want to attract a high calibre of singleton, each with a positive outlook on life, with the right motivations and every intention of wholeheartedly looking for love – in or out of a lockdown – with like-minded folk who share similar backgrounds, lifestyles and interests.

And we are not ashamed of our roots, nor the care and attention into checking out everyone who clicks ‘join’. In fact, we celebrate our vetting process. After all, it is the beating heart of what make our country life dating service so trusted.

We know singletons are often fuelled by a desire to be active on a frivolous whim, and we know having to wait for the green light to start searching can cause frustration, but at Muddy Matches we also know our human touch – always with a cautious eye – is something our members appreciate.

They regularly and repeatedly tell us.
“I tried out a lots of different online dating apps and websites, but I wasn’t particularly happy or comfortable with who I was seeing and what I was hearing from the people on there. Muddy Matches was recommended to me by a friend and there was a better quality of person on there who were much more like me. It felt more friendly and approachable.”

We often hear that we serve up a “quality over quantity’ when it comes to the mud lovers we attract because we put extra care and attention into the vetting stage; and that inspires like-minded people who take comfort, confidence and reassurance in common ground and shared outlook on life.

It’s not about a number game.
Instead, our approach is to provide a haven in which to unearth connections with genuine, authentic outdoor-loving singletons who fully appreciate and understand country life in its many muddy forms.

We do not use computer simulations or algorithms that quickly approve without a second’s thought to feed a number-hungry machine. Nor do we approve everyone and then react when things don’t go quite as expected.

We pay extra attention to making sure every prospective member has authentic countryside credentials that cut the mustard – and we will not hesitate to reject if we feel someone’s profile does not sit well with our muddy values when it comes to decency, authenticity, or integrity.

We are not afraid to ask for more information or evidence where we need a little more convincing of someone’s roots.

So that’s why it can take 72 hours to have a profile approved, and even then, we don’t accept every Tom, Dick, or Harriett.

And in the unlikely event someone does breach the virtual electric fence and slip through our every best endeavour, we take quick, decisive action and respond.

We know we have a responsibility to the rural, remote and countryside loving communities we serve and absolutely we take it seriously.