The ‘3 little words’ alternatives more suited to muddy love

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

“I love ewe!” The best alternative ‘3 little words’ all mud lovers want to hear on Valentines Day that capture the heart of rural romance

It’s that time of year, in the run up to a locked down Valentines Day, that those ‘3 little words’ that everyone wants to hear are said more than at any other time in the year. 3 little words; said a lot – sometimes meant… sometimes not!

But when to drop the L word? How long into a relationship? Is it said with extra significance or hidden agenda? And, most importantly, is it reciprocated?
In fact, for something of just 9 characters, 2 spaces, there is a lot of chat that comes with it.

At Muddy Matches country life dating, we’ve given thought to ‘3 little words’ that best add meaning, and are more suited, to the muddiest of relationship and can capture. 3 little words that perfectly sum up life and love (there we said it) in the countryside.
After all, ‘I love…. Ewe’? Doesn’t always cut it. So, here’s our favourite ‘3 little words’ alternative – muddy matches style – that carry more meaning country wide.

Grab, your, wellies
Because, in our experience, all solid relationships start and end with a healthy splatter of fresh air, green space and outdoor adventure. Wellies are essential to get all the benefits it brings.

Beware! Electric Fence
Because however much love may make sparks fly and chemistry sizzle, that newly erected electric fence you and your partner have painstakingly put up around the paddock definitely ramps up the voltage.

Shut the Gate!
Because whilst relationship gurus will tell you a healthy relationship should be like an open book in which new chapters and opportunities will emerge at will, the only thing ‘emerging# through an open farm gate is livestock – and all the headache, and extra work that, it brings.

Like my tractor?
Because you can forget serenades, sonnets and overly elaborate romantic gestures, the sure fire way to a mans heart is through the Massey Ferguson brochure and his love of vintage farming machinery.

Let’s talk cows
Because whilst love may mooooo in mysterious ways, cows are life. Right? It’s very black and white.

Are we lost?
Because we are darn sure that ‘outstanding map reading skills’ is not the first thing our muddy singletons look for in a match but admitting the error of your ways is always a good thing in a relationship

Wow! You’re filthy
Because, whether you are in the cowshed, down the livery yard, emptying grain bins or shovelling silage that dirt gets everywhere. It’s a way of life in the country. Finger nails don’t lie.

Breakfast in bed?
Because nothing beats a big, hearty farmhouse breakfast done properly (extra black pudding please)– and if it’s served up in bed well that means a day off or a late start (think after 7am) and we all know how rare that is.

Mooo. Oink. Baaa
Because animals are all that matter. As much as we like to kid ourselves its true, happy animals, happy farmer. Happy farmer… happy relationship.

Need help muck-spreading?
Because we all know an extra pair of hands to help with those jobs that suck up time and motivation is worth its weight in gold if they are willing to get stuck in.

Here boy. Heel
Because a well trained dog is a godsend when it come to the physical, mental, sociological and psychological benefits they can bring to owners. Their love is unconditional.

What’s the forecast?
Because whilst relationship can be fair-weather – a sunny outlook one minute, stormy with high chance of thunder the next – most elements of rural life are dictated by what the weatherman say. Red sky at night, and all that jazz.

Call the vet
Because in some relationships three is a crowd but when a third person enters the scene, you want someone you can trust and is more than qualified to get elbow deep to solve life’s curiosities.

Fancy a peck?
Because we can learn a lot from chickens; and studies reveal that partners who kiss in the morning when they wake up are thought to live up to 5 years longer. We don’t argue with fact!

What more sheep?
Because let’s face it you can never have too many sheep. Relationships are grounded on compromise but when it come to the size of the herd, compromise is not a word that springs to mind.

What’s the yield?
Roses are red, violets are blue but neither have high yield and that doesn’t make them commercial viable in these uncertain times. Life’s big decisions ruled by yield and ROI. Say it with profit, not flowers.

Whatever your plan for this lockdown Valentine’s Day 2021, make love, not hay when cupid – in wellies – comes out to play.